Okay, I do not know about you, but I can not stop being consumed by the tragedy in Japan. I can not even imagine how horrific this was for the people in the pathway of the tsunami. Or living thru a 9 rated quake. Now no food, water for hundred of thousands of people. And how many got washed out to sea? How many are buried under the feet upon feet of rubble?

I am standing in the shower this morning, the smell of “mountain fresh” scented soap, comforting hot water , than the lather of the shampoo and conditioner.. and as I am washing , I am feeling guilty.. feeling blessed , that I have this shower to use.

AS I hung up my towel, as I glanced at the bed I just climbed out of… every thing I did today… I counted my blessings over and over again.

I can not imagine being in shelters, isolated from basic needs, no electricity, no water, no food… And not a place to go.

Where do they take care of their basic needs- going to a bathroom, bathing?

I guess I have a really hard time understanding why the people are not being offered places to go. Maybe cruise ships could line up along the shores and people could get brought out to the ships, or air craft carriers? Something.

Some cities are not affected to the degree of northern Japan—why can they not be brought to the other cities? Or are they?

yes there are thousands and thousands… but if every person who had a room for a person, or a few people… one home at a time… everyone could be in a better place…. 

My heart, my prayers go out to them. They are a strong people. I have taken care of Japanese people in the hospital, and they are a proud people… the woman do not show pain, they would need to be coaxed to ask for anything. This has got to be incredibly hard for them.

I look at the photos, the videos of the areas affected… and I wonder .. where does one start? (photos from google images)

I can not imagine the despair, the loss, the feeling of not belonging anywhere, the memories washed to sea. Yes pray for them, won’t you . Thanks, Love to all, Mrs Justa, alias Cindy