I heard a song today100_2870 and the lyrics said “ Who are you when I’m not looking?” Whoa, that is really an interesting thought. I had once heard a quote about character and it was from H. Jackson Brown, Jr. He said

Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking.”

That got me to thinking, that we may not really know others, really… for only ourselves and God know who we are when no one is looking.

If you had totally time alone, who would you be? Are you the same person that people who see you every day think you are? When a stranger sees you as you are passing by them, who do they think you are?

What if our pets could talk? Do they have things about  us that we dare not share with others?
Mark will say to me all the time when I make a certain face, Let me get the camera and take that picture, and then the people who work with you can see who you really are.

I laugh it off and we go no with our lives. But than that song played. I personally am not bad when people are or are not looking. I like to just be. Like to take walks, like to sing a lot. Love doing puzzles, cross words, word searches, fill-in the blanks, jig saw puzzles. reading is fun, but I do not take time to do it. When I am alone… hmmm… I think I could practice songs for hours.

I love bedtime… ahhh… work my butt off during the day and the pillow and fluffy comforter are my reward. I like to do things for others. I enjoy getting together with people casually and I enjoy some quiet time.

100_4131If I lived  by the ocean, I would walk in the sand, watch the water splash and take in awe the majestic beauty the God has provided.




If I lived by a mountain, I would sit on the side and breathe that fresh air… again mesmerized by the splendor.

100_3757I love holding a child and reading a story, rocking and cuddling just before nighttime. I love spending time with my husband, with my kids, with my siblings and relatives. I love my friends… but in a nutshell…  I am me … what you see is what you get when anyone is looking or no one is looking. just ask God.. he knows.

Who are you????when…. you are alone???

Love to all.. be real.. Mrs Justa alias Cindy