Okay, so today was the annual vet day. Oh yeah, that is when the pets become something other than they normally are.

First Mr Indi 002– referred to as FAT at the vet today. They think he should lose 10 pounds. Man he is 31 pounds. He is a schnoodle mix, I think 10 pounds might be impossible for him. But we will work on it. Poor thing, he has been moping since we got home.

He has epilepsy and takes phenobarbital, so we had been cutting back on his dry food some and filling in his hunger with green beans and chicken boiled- skinless breasts. With that he gets hungry and  he literally will howl a deep belly moan when he is hungry. We do give him ice cubes, mini carrots…

Ugg… so we need to check the food bag for how much food a 20 lb dog would get and adjust the amount. Probably walks would help too… with winter having such a grip on us, he runs in and out of the house. He does like to play ball, but it is in spurts.

So Fatty Indi is on a food rationing..

And Imus.. well 009he put on his own show. He was howling like a spooky Halloween Cat.

He meowed and spoke more in the time in the car and at the vets than I think he spoke his entire life. He passed the physical with no problems. He had an attitude, but made it through without making any enemies.

Indi however was yipping and hyperventilating, and yelped when the vet felt his belly. The one vet says Indi is a wimp and he anticipates pain, I dunno- cuz when he yelps in pain when his belly is touched- he seems pretty intense about letting us know he hurts. And when the vet today felt his belly- he jumped straight up, and than exited the exam table in about 2 seconds flat.  They actually had to take Indi in a separate room to draw his blood.

So fortunately this visit is now in the past and another year can pass before another. We gotta get Indi down to at least 25 pounds by next year.

We are about to have company for a while this evening. Friends of Marks from long ago. The London broil is in the crock pot..smells really good, potatoes are peeled and ready to get cooked, the veggies are ready, some brown and serve rolls and choc cream pie made.

I just feel really bad because Mark is really really dizzy. We do not know if it is related to the last week he had the flu or because he stopped taking a medication – and maybe a side effect to that. His psychiatrist just told him to reduce a med 150 mg- so he did… but we are wondering if not weaning off of it is creating the blah- dizziness? What ever it is… he is not having a good time. I hope he makes it through tonight okay.

Love to all… pray for peace in this world of ours. Cindy alias Mrs Justa.