Our puppy dog and Markie100_3450 are both feeling under the weather. Mark had gotten sick with me last Sunday- than he began to feel better, but took a down hill turn on Thursday morning and is still spinning- literally. They both seem to be cloudy in their behavior.

He is dizzy, he has congestion somewhat, he had an annoying cough that kept him up literally for 3 days. He looks dragged out. He still is feeling like he is out side of his body. And than today and last night, Indi started acting kinda  low ebb. Like he is not feeling well. He is not eating much. Fortunately he has a vet appnt tomorrow, so if he is sick, they can check him out.

Me and the cat.. we are doing ok. I did the gym yesterday and today, got pretty clammy but made it through.

Tomorrow I took the day off. Mark has some friends from LONG ago- like way before me… and they are coming up to this area to visit folks. So he has been in touch with them and they are actually coming over tomorrow evening for dinner. I think it will be a nice time, if Mark feels better. He said he feels 10% better than yesterday. guess that is a start.  So I took the day off, made the appnt for the annual vets visit and also this will give me time to go to the gym, and get dinner in the crock pot.

I am going to go do the floors in a moment and than try to assemble my greenhouse on wheels. I plan to start my veggies this weekend. That way by the time May hits, they will be strong and ready to take on the world. Please pray for my planting !! Last year they were PRETTY PATHETIC.

So I am off, assemble my green house. and if it looks at all like a green house when I am through… I will share it !.

Hope you have a good evening and a good Monday.

Love to all… Mrs justa alias Cindy