I think it is time we stop!! We need to become more peaceful with one another.

I do not know if others feel this as strongly as I am , but PEOPLE ARE MAD… PEOPLE are ANGRY!!

Dang… have you ever read the comments to articles on your local news web site. People are NASTY!!


Just as a thought…—as I read some of this crap on facebook, or on the comment sections I can not help but wonder….. what if those last angry, judgmental, nasty, mean words were the last thing they said, the last thing they were remembered for. Is that how they want to be remembered? Is that how they want to be thought of, or judged by as they  go to the life beyond here?

I am in a state of amazement to see the shots of Japan this morning and how the Tsunami just took over the lands. There are some clips on the internet from shots taken in a helicopter as the wave engulfs the lands.  People driving wherever the road would take them trying to escape a 23 foot wave coming at them. Scurrying to anywhere but there. And in this one shot from a helicopter- we could see the water overcoming the lives of many – traffic in a stand still- people running out from their cars to anywhere- but many did not get to anywhere here on earth. This is from “Christian Post” look at the lives shattered, lost, torn, turned into a pile of rubble. All we own is nothing, all we think is important- the new car, the fancy clothes—they mean nothing. It is what is in our hearts, our souls…. What is the last thing that each person missing did or said??? Now  perished in this devastation…what impression did they leave ? What kind or angry words have been left behind, like a tattoo or a branding on others hearts and souls? Or did they leave a memory that brings a comfort to others who knew them?

Nature has a way to remind us that we are small specs in the scheme of things. Winds, floods, tornados, hurricanes, freezing temps, extremely hot temps. We are susceptible to situations that can swallow us up in a moment.

My mom used to say.. if you do not have anything nice to say… than say NOTHING.

Thanks mom… from far away..you are still in my heart, my mind, my every day of living.

Love to all… and peace… yes peace…..we need peace and kindness. Cindy alias Mrs Justa.