Perceptions, they mean more than what is really happening, because how something is perceived is how a person or people believe things are.

We can be totally innocent doing something, but depending when a person is observing it, from what angle, in what frame of mind… it can be totally different from what was intended or what was actually happening.

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I am sure this is something you can relate to. Like the other day. We were in the car and I was yacking about someone that was really being a grump. So as we are going down the road, I am doing the gestures and facial expressions of how this person had been. Mark all of the sudden said to me, people passing us probably think you are yelling at me !. We laughed, because that is probably the perception that we gave to passer-byers.

Today I had gone over to a shopping center not far from work. I had zoomed through a couple stores looking for potting soil, and ended up at a grocery store in the end. In the check out line, I had 3 items, and there were a few people behind me. As the cashier rung up my things, he looked at me with sincere eyes and said thank you. It was a heart felt thank you. I thought. hmmm… he must be really glad I brought my 3 measly items in his check out line. So I smiled a soft smile back, and said “you are welcome.”

He said. “ No… I mean Thank you!”  I must have looked a little confused, .. than  he said so sincerely and appreciatively “Because of you I went to the dentist today.”  Well that threw a surprised confused look on my face, I had never met this young man before in my life, , and yet he spoke to me like I had given him the money to go to the dentist….  I could not help but return a smile… and he pointed to my coat. I had a fleece on with my employers name on it.. he said “You work there, right?” I said “Yes I do.”… than he briefly said, “ My mom has an insurance card in her wallet with your companies name, and because of your company, I got to go to the dentist, a nice dentist…..”

… As I left the store, I found it touching that he associated my coat with his dental appointment, and in that short few minutes… it was a time where I could have made a horrible impression of the company I work for… or a good one. Regardless of anything I could have said, trying to explain that I work for a third party administrator of self insured plans…. he saw the name.. and found solace, found comfort in the connection. To  him, in his young mind…. self insured plans meant nothing…but the LOGO of the company and a person who worked there meant everything to h100_6358im.  I am sure he never assumed it was ME who gave him that opportunity… but wearing that coat… it was me who for a short moment gave a perception of the company I work for.

I truly love where I work, I love what I do, and try to always be a respectable person in public. This was a reminder that people are watching…people see what we are doing…. people perceive things by how they looked to them, by  our actions…..What perceptions have been because of something you have done, said, worn?

Be careful, do not do things you will regret, Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy