Happy Birthday to my little man , who now has two little men of his own. Happy Birthday to one of the reasons I am. Happy Birthday to the reason I got up each day , even when I did not feel like it. Happy Birthday to the little guy that helped me keep my eyes on the future and out of the past.

Yes today my baby boy is 29. Wow how time flies. Really, I can not even believe that all these moments has passed. This photo is of my little guy in our first apartment. He was actually the same age as Brandon is now. He wanted to have a picnic, so he dragged over a plastic file container I had and he had his sandwich and juice under the kitchen sink.

He always was doing things that made me smile. His eyes always had a twinkle in them of humor, of love , of life. 3-9-2011 003We did not have much, we did not need much, we had each other and imagination.

3-9-2011 001

And now, 27 years later, his life is filled with smiles too. He and his wife have the joys and the smiles that I can remember filling that apartment so many years ago. 3-9-2011 012

Yes, happy birthday to my little man, the  little toddler who is no more. Happy Birthday this year, and many many more.

Life is full of wonder, life is full of smiles. The smiles have to take away the darkness. The smiles are free but worth more than money can buy.

Our lives have not been easy by far, and yet not as hard as many, but it was his little hand touching my cheek, his twinkle in his eyes, his giggle, his wonder that helped me see past the darkness. Yes,,, Happy Happy Birthday…. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy