Modern inventions, flush toilets, man do I appreciate them right now ! I am recovering from getting hit about 40 hrs ago with the stomach bug. And I mean hit ! Smack dab, knock down drag out, slammer. UGGG. Mark and I got it at the same time. Thank God we had 2 bathrooms. This sucker took control of our bodies. When it said move, you moved quick like. As I was holding onto the freshly cleaned rim of the cold porcelain  toilet, I got to thinking… ( ya gotta think about other things at a time like this… )

How did we even become to be ?? really.. Can you imagine having the stomach bug, it is freezing cold outside, you have to trot maybe 100 feet from your closest door through snow mounds to this…

What the heck did they do? It was not a heated bathroom, and I bet the toilet area was not scrubbed down every Saturday, and I do not know about the stomach bug in the early 1800s , but I know this thing was not giving me time to put on a coat, boots, mittens, gloves and traipse 100 + feet. How did people make it through without shooting themselves. UGGG And two people having it at the same time… can you imagine that—each on a survival of the fittest, tromping side to side, trying to get outer wear on, the best “man” to the outhouse wins….

This bug, as we are referring to it kindly, was wicked. Sunday morning we were okay. Went to breakfast at a local restaurant, I went to church.. we went to the gym and realized we were not feeling great all of the sudden. ( Not that we ever feel great.. but this was a definite not good feeling) Mark was dizzy, light headed… me I was just blah… could not put a zip in my step. He stopped a bit before me… and after an hr I was done too, toast, nadda, no spunk for anything more.

So we dragged our butts home,—me.. I am not a nap person.. I lay down before 10PM and there is something wrong… well folks… by 3:35 PM I was out of my clothes, into the bed, mattress pad warming me, curtains drawn.. out for the count. By 5 PM… what ever I had for breakfast came for a visit in a couple different forms… uggg. I was technically in bed till 9 last night. Got up to get ill, sucked on some crushed ice in the evening, had some ice tea and toast… ugggg.

I can not imagine if I went through this with no indoor plumbing. I give the ancestors mucho credit man.. we are lucky.. we are damn lucky. Can you picture what they went through? Tough critters they were.. we are wimps. We get bread in a bag from the store sliced, we toast it in an electric toaster… They would have to stoke a fire, pound the flour, make the bread by hand.. in between donning clothes to hit the outhouse.  I think I would have died in the outhouse… froze to death… what a final memory…

Fortunately the water was running, the toilet was clean, the washer was able to clean the towels and clothes, the toaster was toasting, the furnace was heating, water fresh out of the faucet.. and somehow we made it to the other side..Don’t know who gave it to us.. probably someone at the grocery store on Saturday.. don’t wish this on anyone… and am thankful we live in the 2011s instead of the 1811s..cuz I do not think I would have survived the past 38 hrs.

But we are on the up side.. HA ..cuz our down side was ruling us for a bit.. and I feel like I am outside of the world kinda—like I am totally not here.. so I am off to bed before 10 tonight. I feel a whole bunch better than I did. I even thanked the toilet tonight for being there… Yeah I know I am weird… but it stood strong and true. Have a great night… hope you stay healthy. Love to all, Mrs Justa. alias Cindy