Okay the stomach bug is the royal pits, but can you imagine how much fun it is when…

you are aching all over, feel like a Mack truck hit you, dry and not so dry heaves ,fever, exhausted, cramps, aches, pains and other things I will let your imagination run with…you step in your shower and this is all you get!!!

Man just about than I think I would jump out the window and roll around in the snow, butt naked, screaming my head off.It is not bad enough ya feel like total crap..but than no water for bathing, drinking or flushing… . 

Poor Amanda, Jeff and Brandon all got slam basted with the stomach bug, all within a 24 hr period. Yesterday was day 2 for Jeff, he stood in the shower, waiting for it.. and it never happened. Just a spit here and there..than notta—nothing.

The dang pump went in their well.What can ya do !!! Not a damn thing. Call for a well guy to come, but they are not readily available. So they were kinda drifters, going from their home to a relative and friends home for showers and baths. Yuck.. it would suck having the pump blow when you are healthy, but this stomach bug .. it is nasty. I personally have been spared of it.. knock on wood… man I do not do the “throw up and die disease”….nope I have a problem giving into that bodily function.

This evening their well is running, the sick are well and Preston – well that little trooper was spared the bug. That to me is amazing, since he needs to be held and carried by adults who were sick.

We had an incident years ago, in an incredible ice storm, where we had no power for 5 days. This meant no well, no water, no heat…. we were healthy… freezing our buttinskis off… I remember it was before Mark got hurt, and he had been driving in the ice storm. He hauled home as quickly as possible and was there to hear the branches breaking off the trees and slamming down  onto the roof. It was so scary. Than the power went off… so he  tied a rope to some empty joint compound buckets, and he had walked to a creek about 1/2 mile from the house, he lowered the buckets and hauled back creek water so we could at least flush toilets. I remember we had a kerosene heater in the shed, we brought that in and brought out the poor parakeet . We had the cage covered with 4 blankets .. somehow that hearty sucker survived. It was not fun… I remember my x husband had seen on the news that our part of the state was in a power outage and he came the 95 miles up to our house and  brought up a generator to borrow and helped us set it up so at least we had a few lights and heat. HA… later that year we  bought a generator… and have fortunately never had to use it !.

We tend to take for granted the conveniences in our lives…as I sit here, furnace going, wind is blowing like crazy outside—but we are protected from it,… stomach full from a warm dinner, dryer drying the clothes,washer washing more clothes,  computers to communicate around the world with others…. maybe we need to take a moment and be thankful for all we have.        Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( images from free clip art on google images)