Our lives are circles, coming and going and meeting at the end of the arch. As I think about this I am listening to the scanner. And there is a call for assistance for an 86 year old woman who fell and is tangled up in her walker and can not get up.

The dispatcher said she was alone in an apartment. I got to thinking that as small children, many of us have walkers that our parents plopped us into, in hopes it was help us walk. We went where ever the floor would let us, but we would get stuck on the edge of a throw rug, at door sills, when there was something on the floor. We would giggle to and fro and free ourselves. And one day, low and behold we are toddling on our own. Learning to not take steps too quick or we topple over. Learning how to navigate around our toys , our pets and our parents feet.

Than turn the clock ahead another 60 or 70 years and once again, some of us ,  we are faced with challenges of ambulating. Except now our walker is a little different. It at least will have rubber stoppers on the bottom of the legs, and if we are able , we might get wheels on it, heck we can even get one with a seat to stop and rest on.


So here we are, our parnts long gone, living in an apartment or adult home and we might get a little over-zealous with our steps, maybe our leg gives out, maybe we get a little wobbly, and once again..bam.we are lying on the floor, our emergency medical alarm dangling from our necks, and we call out for 911 to help us get up. How scary, how sad, how longing for a parent to pick us up and say it is okay.

I heard on the scanner a couple weeks ago about an ambulance call that said they had a 90 something year old woman who was found on the floor in her closet. They estimated she had been there for 2-3 days. She was without a way to call for help and just had to lay there until someone missed her. How scary, how awful.

Heck at 90 something, who would miss me? Will I still be blogging at 90? Jeff will be 70 something himself. Mark is the same age as me, so if we make it till 90 something, who knows where we will be or what we will be doing.

20080821.182620_circle_of_life_big[1]Life is a circle, we are babies in diapers, than we are elderly in diapers.

We are dependent for others to care for us, than for some of us we become  elderly and once again dependent on others to care for us.

We take money in, it goes out, we get it in, it goes out.

We drive away, we come back.

A circle of experiences, a circle of relationships, a circle of emotions, a circle of events.

Hang on as you ride the circle, never lose sight of the arcs, the curves, the pathways. I will be back tomorrow… a circle again. I am here, I go, I am here. Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy