Okay, I am not sure who it will be … but either me or Mark will be embarrassed at some point, somewhere….

See a few months ago I bought some woman’s trouser knee high sock. Black with a kinda girly swirl to it. Well for the past few weeks one has taken off. I am afraid it found comfort in attaching itself to someone clothes. You know what I mean, a little heat in the dryer, static starts, and the sock disappeared.

So somewhere, somehow, all of the sudden the sock will get tired of sticking and drop.
I really hope it does not mysteriously drop out on Mark in the locker room.. but if it does I hope he picks it up and brings it home—it’s other half has been waiting for weeks to feel complete again.

This missing sock reminds me of actually 2 interesting sock stories in my past. The first was on a frosty cold Sunday morning, in Feeding Hills Massachusetts. I was doing some temporary work out there and had a small efficiency apartment. It was night fall time…I had gone to the laundry mat and my basket was one of those 1.99 cheapie round plastic weave  ones from Family Dollar. The kind that does not hold a lot folded- but you can stuff a lot dirty.

So here I am in the apartment and realize I am missing a sock. There was an amber glow from the porch light next to my da-glow orange Pinto- and alas- I saw it out next to my car. THANK GOD>>>> I threw on my sneaks and scooted out there….BIG ol’ smile of relief on my face… bent down and grabbed it… now life was complete………………

well  it took my mind a little time to process the dog crap slithering through my fingers was not the lonely sock… HA… I can still feel the moment. Never did find the dang sock..

The other time, I was working in a mail receiving area, it was 5AM and we were working to get the mail order things opened and ready for the staff to start logging in. AS I bent down for a bag of mail I saw a sock on the floor. So I said something to the other person working with me, something like “ Is that your sock on the floor?” Well instantly she pulls up her pant legs to make sure her socks were on. It was so funny…. how she thought her sock would have fallen off her shoed foot is beyond me, but the look on her face when she said “nope I have both mine on!” and she was serious. I gotta tell ya, I am still laughing over that one.

I dunno how washers and driers eat socks… but they do. There are no big openings, so the gobble them up somehow… one of those ponders of life? Someone told me to tie them together-but that defeats the purpose of washing them, ..maybe I will resort to those net bags… I will have to see… Love to all…. and do not pick up lose socks in a dark parking lot. I am justa-saying. LOL Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy