I am totally in shock over the amount of hate in the world. It is unbelievable, inconceivable to me that people can not just get along !

Now I am not saying  it is everyone by far, there are many of the people who are compassionate, giving, caring people. But alas- they do not make the headlines- no for us peaceful folks- we are faced with seeing  angry mobs of people around the world.

It is not something I can even imagine being. I have the news on ( and the news is bringing the frightening scenes of life of angry..really angry people. I am perplexed…Do they go home, where do they sleep? How can they sleep? My mother always said to me and I always told my son … “Don’t go to sleep on an angry sun.” I have never seen a quote of who said it, and when I do a google search- it comes up with a post I did a while back… but this type of hatred, this type of what appears to be total disrespect of human life.

How can angry people have nice dreams? Or are the angry people in the world, so angry,that they do not dream?

This week it is countless people being killed in Libya. And a quote from the Libyan leader stating that the press has exaggerated the number of innocent people killed by the government- they have not killed as many as the press is quoting. HELLO!!!!! One innocent person is Too many.

The people who want to be angry about something- well there are plenty of platforms to join right now. I do not understand. Satan is consuming the minds of many. I can not imagine how uncomfortable it is to live in ones skin, when everywhere they look they are seemingly detesting whoever or whatever  it is.

Oh sure, there was a moment a few times in my life , when someone really pissed me off… but it was a moment- and hr, a day— not a lifetime. I wonder what the blood pressure of  each  angry worldlian ( a new word… kinda cute isn’t it)  is? I wonder how  a constantly angry person  handles a small crisis? Do none of these people who are demonstrating have jobs? Have families? Have responsibilities? Do some come to relieve others? Do they yell bed time stories to their children? How do they buy things? ( I would not want to be their cashier.)
it is sad… I can not do much to make it better- I am only me. So I will pray for world peace… I have to Let Go and Let God, I truly believe this anger, this violence, this ugliness is hurting God too. Let’s see.. what happened long ago when the world became uncontrollable… oh That is right… a flood………

I hope you can have a pleasant sleep…wherever you are… do not get caught up in others anger. Live your day so you can sleep in peace. Love to all.. Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy