You should hear the wind whipping around- dang!! Yesterday it was 50 + degrees out, today it was like a blizzard, really really cold. It actually was so strong it bent our bird feeding pole so much it widened the thread area between 2 of the poles and toppled it over…. GRRRR>

This has been a tough week.My karaoke machine has decided to act up- which kinda sucks- since I have a solo on 3-20-2011. I called the place we brought it from quite a few yrs. ago and he says I have to ship it to California- it will probably cost around 300 bucks to fix it, and 5-6 weeks waiting for it to return. So I have this karaoke machine – quality of the ones people use to do formal shows- and I am stuck buying a new one. It should be here this week. Now what to do with the professional one I have. I never did shows with it… it was more than what I really need for my practicing- but still it is a nice machine…

Than to top it off….   I really have not felt 100% for 3 days. Thurs night I could not get warm. All night shivering under the covers, and ohhhhh  I had bone pain too. You know the kind- like when you are getting a viral thing and all your bones ache. I took a really hot shower and flopped around in bed all night. Putting an extra comforter on, than kicking it off. Fan on, fan off. Mattress pad on 7 ( 10 is the highest heat setting) than off. I went to work, kept taking Motrin and Tylenol- we are too busy at work not to go in and support the folks I work with.

Friday night same thing…. bones aching.. temp on and off… and this was a working Saturday.. Uggg…I hauled my butt out of bed and Mark drove me in- it was total white outs at times. Pretty darn scary ride in when they hit. One time we came thru the white out only to find we were on the oncoming traffic side of the road. Fortunately for us- not a lot of people were out cruising around at 5AM on a Sat morning.

I could not- no way Jose – stay home- while I knew that staff would be coming in on their weekend time to help with some of the stuff we have to do. It is just easier to work sometimes when the phones are not ringing steady… And it was a good day- we made progress… we will be okay.

So I am home… achy…no temp right this minute- but this morning at 2:30 am it was 102… drugs are helping to keep it in check. I have not done the gym for 3 days.. I canceled on watching the grandkids 2 nights in a row…I feel like a big loser ( with a CAPITAL L)  canceling on them  but I just need to rest some.

I did get a flu shot this year, and I am wondering if that saved me from the GI flu thing going around. Guess it does not avoid the bone pain.

Last night we had an omelet dinner, tonight soup and sandwich. Just kinda blah…. hope it leaves tonight so I can go to the gym for a few hrs. tomorrow. And if not—than I am really glad tomorrow is Sunday. I hope this finds everyone safe, without bone pain, and enjoying the weekend. Love to all, Mrs. Justa alias Cindy