When was the last time you saw kids playing outside, days on end?

100_6749When was the last time everyone sat down together at the dinner table to have a meal together?

When was the last time your cell phone or blackberry was off for 48 hours?

When was the last time you fell asleep sore from being active all day long?

When was the last time you read a book? How about read a book to a child sitting on your lap?? hair freshly shampooed, smelling like baby shampoo and baby wash, their head resting against your shoulder… That is what life is about !

How about when was the last time youimage played hop scotch , skipped rocks on a lake, played a game of jacks, played go fish or checkers with a child?

These are fast paced times. This past weekend I was watching people in cars, in the stores… kids texting people, people on cell phones, kids watching movies in a car, kids with ear buds in their ears listening to anything but the people in the car with them.

We are becoming a society of sedentary people. I fear the people will become less able to interact with one another, because more and more people “talk” electronically.

I called a place of business the other day, and it was me and this voice activated computer… it would ask me a question, I would answer it, and it would say “ I don’t understand” and it asked me the same damn question again. It took me forever before it finally got frustrated with me and said it was sending me to an operator. Than the dang thing disconnected me. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRI was so annoyed.

Look around you… really observe how uninvolved the world is becoming with one another. And the anger, hate and total disrespect for human life….. whoa how I long for the times to slow down some, we need to rekindle the flames of family, of reading stories to kids, of taking time to be with loved ones. I hope you find ways to slow down this fast paced electronic world… and enjoy people in person.

thanks google images for my last 2 clip arts…

Love to All, Cindy alias Mrs Justa.