Happy Valentine’s Day to one and all.

100_2454It was a day that started with a surprise yesterday- a really funny card and a very pretty  heart shaped silver necklace from my husband. I had his gift in my desk at work, as I did not want to hide it in my car and have him find it.

The day was a good day all in all, we all seem to work well together at work, and we do care about one another, so even on a stressful day, we get through it and come back the next day, willing to give it our all. 

We have a training class the next 3 days, so 1/2 the team goes in the morning while half tries to keep things going, and than visa versa in the afternoon. We all know it is going to require a little extra from each of us, so I am about to head off to bed, and get up early in the morning.

I was listening to people imagetalking today, right when they came in, and it just felt great to hear people quickly update one another on their weekend as they got ready for the Monday at hand.

Many of these folks probably have stuff they are dealing with outside of work, yet they come in and are wonderful on the phones and doing what they need to do.

It is a day to count my blessings. I have a great family, and great place to work. I thought long and hard about that as I looked out the window at lunch time as my lunch was getting nuked – and there was a man across the street. He was huddled against the brink wall of the building across the way. He had quite a few layers of clothing on,and he was watching people as they threw things in a near by garbage can. He had a large black plastic garbage bag, and sticking out of is appeared to be some clothing, some wrappers from maybe fast food places, ..every once in a while he clenched his garbage bag- like it was a toddlers hand, and went to the trash can- pulled something out, and returned to the wall. As I watched him… my weight watchers meal cooking away… I could not help but almost feel ashamed of the warmth I was in..the food I was about to enjoy…I wonder where he is tonight?

Count your blessings , one by one… I think most of us can go on counting for a very long time. Love to all, Happy Valentine’s Day. Mrs Justa alias Cindy