A” candle burning for many people”  kind of day.

Life is not ever guaranteed to be wonderful every day. Life can be pretty sucky at times.

Today in church the Pastor was describing what it was likefor him and his wife  to be visiting  parishioner at her hospital bedside, and have the doctor come into the room and tell this person that tests have come back, and she has a pretty significant cancer.

He was talking about how we tend to hold onto things that are not forever. He said that at that moment, amid the emotions and the moments of shock, he was reminded that we must hold onto God.

Life happens, cancer, illnesses, sudden deaths, accidents, tragedy, and the one thing we have here and beyond is God. People we love, lets we cherish, money, materialistic things we tend to care for tremendously.

This morning I spoke with a woman who husband , rather suddenly, was diagnosed as having kidney cancer. He underwent surgery for this last month  and is going to be starting cancer treatments this next week. I asked her how she was doing, and she said that she is doing worse than he is. That she is worried about life, that she can not live without him, and that she felt Satan was visiting her a lot these past couple of weeks.

I asked her if I could do anything for her or her husband… her answer is to just keep them in my prayers. She said she has no idea what they would have done without their church family. Than she hugged me. This woman is probably 10 years older than me, she is always to herself, proud, and staunch in a way. As I watched her walk towards the front of the church, I felt for her.During the first part of the  service I was amazed to see her husband up singing in the choir, with a compassion that was amazing. After the choir was done,  they all came back to their seats, he walked by me and patted me on the shoulder, I am not sure why… it was almost like a reassuring pat-that he is going to be okay.

We do tend to lose our focus  in life. We depend on our life being filled with people that can leave. Like the parents who live their life for their children, never taking any time for God, themselves or others. When the children are gone, their life is empty. The spouse whose life revolves around the other spouse. Again, should something happen and they are gone, than life is gone. That ended up being what the sermon was about. That we need to love God more than ourselves, more than our loved ones, and if we do not..life can be fragmented, messed up, and one can end up  being totally lost.

So my candle is lit for these people today. My candle is also lit for those who ignore or disbelieve in God.

As the candle burns, I hope the prayers continue to flow. We can pray for a miracle, but we need to pray for strength and guidance as tough choices and moments are awaiting each of us. There are no guarantees in this world. Let people know you care about them.

Love to all,Mrs Justa alias Cindy