image2-14-2009……….It seems like just yesterday that this was taken, and it was 2 yrs ago.

We were watching Brandon for the day while his parents were moving into their new home.

He was here from basically morning till dinner time. It was a fun day, but man I look at this picture and am reminded how time is flying.


Things change all the time.image It is weird how time never stands still, not for one second. In 2 short years we have gone from one grandchild to three.Two years ago Preston was a seed of the future. And now he is here, full of smiles and joy.

We do have the same home, I have the same job, the pets are the same-yet different- poor Indi now on phenobarbital for seizures and  bland food for chronic pancreatitis.

What have I learned in the last 2 years… aren’t there supposed to be life lessons?

Isn’t that funny.. that is a tough question. To live more , to waste less. To pray every day. To be thankful . To be patient. To be strong.

I have learned to be more tolerant of life. To appreciate those who give of themselves. I think I have become more aware of how precious time is. I think I have become more aware of those who judge others blatantly. I have learned that being a grandparent does not mean needing to bear gifts… it means to stop and take time to just be yourself with the children.

I probably care more , dislike less. And I think that I am more aware of stuff in life, I feel more for what others seem to be going through. More so people who are making life work, with far less than what I have. I have this inner feeling of wanting to help everyone, but I know I can not. Like the woman tonight at the grocery store, loading some groceries into a taxi, a sleeping child in a car seat in the shopping cart. Man , I just wanted to give her a ride, help her carry the groceries and child into their home…But I could not do that.

008I went to the SPCA a couple weeks ago, and saw bunches of cats.. their life is a 2 foot square cage, expressions of wanting to be loved… … than I  come home and see our cat sleeping in a crib, chasing a dog around a 64 foot long house… just kind of puts a different twist on things.

What changes have you had in the past 2 years?  What changes do you want to have in the next 2 years… Time is ticking away… do not lose it… Love to all, Mrs justa alias Cindy