Okay… can I have a show of hands for those totally annoyed by arrogant, life does not matter past the end of their nose people?

A few weeks ago I was in a store with Mark, we were trying to find certain things and all of the sudden, out of the clear blue, some dude starts singing to himself..( yeah I wish to himself) He had a song in his head, but what ever it was—it was not coming out like he thought it was. And sometimes he was totally making up a song, saying the same notes and singing about the day, life..what ever.

Than today, I ran next door at work to pick up a couple things and the cashier was belting out the songs being piped in over the speaker.  I gotta tell ya- with the banner week this has been- I came REALLY close to telling her that no one really wanted to hear her sing.

Or how about the people who drive right on your bumper- like they do not see you. OHHH baby- what a mess it would be with me having to stop for something. Dang- the big ass pick ups would probably drive right over my car.

How about the people in the store that block the whole aisle? Yeah that is a banner moment of arrogance.
Every day we run across people who think only about themselves. And those people really need to realize that friends, family and working together makes everything in life much more fulfilling.

Okay I am done now……………………………Love to All, Mys Justa alias Cindy

(thanks google images for the show of hands)