Yesterday I missed church ( Sorry God about that ! I slept a little too late..) But He already knows the happenings of the day.

But by not making it to church, I was not half way to the gym, it was a reason to look around here for exercise. And boy did I find a task. About 1/3 to 1/2 the driveway had ice on it.. I am not talking a light coating.. no siree.. I am talking the 2-3 inch thick stuff from the plow driver going back and forth this season. So I told Mark I was going to go out and take the ice off the driveway for my work out.

Now our driveway is probably large enough to hold 8 cars ( 4 per side.) if they were the subcompact type. So me going out to tackle the challenge- well it was a Biggest Loser type challenge. As I have mentioned numerous times this winter- snow has been coming down, and coming down more and more.

Here I am at the end of my journey2-6-2011 012– my challenge….

The snow bank it really almost as tall as I am.

Here is the driveway finished…

2-6-2011 014





and this.. well if you are sitting in the car and trying to look up the road..

this is what you see….

2-6-2011 020

Notice the chucks of ice on the top of the banks? Well that used to be in the driveway.

The part closer to the shed was dry to the bone- but this area was a few inches away from pavement. It was cleared and smooth,So we have to be really careful Actually as one drives on any of the roads around CNY , there is a danger of someone pulling out in front of others- just cuz they can not see.

This house is not too far away from us.

With snows like we have had, more and more folks are finding out how darn heavy snow is.

A dealership had their service area roof collapse, many homes and businesses are in disrepair.

It is kinda scary….

People get hurt getting on their roofs..many people have the attitude “Mother Nature put it here, she can take it away too.” But as this home owner found out, she took it the wrong way.

Everywhere there is snow..people have to be careful. Snow gets heavy, ice builds up on the edges..and boy a dam of ice can weight tons.

SO my optimist thought for the day…. 65 days till opening season for the Syracuse Baseball team…. and ONE DAY CLOSER TILL SPRING>

Be safe everyone… Love to all, Mrs Justa, alias CIndy