It is Sunday morning, and we have so far had a weekend – the way weekends should be. Friday I got all my shopping done , which felt great. Saturday – our traditional breakfast out with Shawn and Pat, off to the gym and home for the duration. The sheets were changed, all laundry done, the cleaning done, and for about an hour or so I just sipped a cup of coffee and watched the back yard show.

It was awesome. Camera in hand and life flittering and fluttering on the other side of the glass. Me and the cat mesmerized as the scenes changed rapidly, second by second. .

I discovered a few weeks ago the the squirrels actually dive under the snow to get to the feeder area. They have these tunnels with port holes that they exit and enter from.



Here is one doing a stage right- lickity split



here is one right at the end or his entrance hole


So I am watching this little guy- he had a friend too at times, and they chowed on the sunflower seeds and nuts that were dropped off the feeder.

Well this little guy ate for I bet 15 minutes.

Me and the cat just watched…birds coming and going –but he was taking this eating thing seriously.

All of the sudden he came up on the steps to the sliding glass door and looked in at us…

I do not know if his belly ached, he was thanking us for the buffet… but Golly Gee this was funny!


I gotta tell ya, I laughed .. heck I am still laughing.

Now … if I had not stopped..

if I had not just sat and let the world happen,

if I had been so busy being busy…

I would have missed this…

This is what life is about

– it goes way beyond the bills, the hustles and bustles, it goes beyond the end of our noses.

2-5-2011 029

2-5-2011 030

What did you miss today, yesterday, and what will you miss tomorrow

… if you do not take a moment to stop ….Moments happen- they come , they go… and they never come back again. STOP… tell that someone you love them…give them a hug….cuddle with a little one while they are still little…. read that story to a child…tell people what they mean to you… the show that nature blesses us with each day… take time to pray …. Life is so much more than work and sleep…..This is not a rehearsal..each second we breathe is our once in a lifetime moment.

Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa….