I saw a picture in the Sunday coupons and it brought me bag to a moment in my past.

My mom was a very very private person. When she went to the doctors, the dentist, wherever..she mostly kept it to herself. Very seldom did she ever reveal pain she had. She tried to protect us from any problems she might have had. I could not ever figure out if it was more so we did not worry, or maybe more because her childhood taught her  to accept life and not complain.

Well there was this one day I came home from school – high school or maybe the higher level of middle school- ( I was old enough to know not to bring up anything about mom’s health ) She felt so uncomfortable talking about her.

So I walk in the house, kind wondering what she was doing home from work so early. Well she started to speak- and there was a slight lisp to her words, so I looked towards her and saw something similar to this…Picture_5[1].

Well I had a really hard time not looking at her mouth , especially since it now appeared to be taking over her face. My only assumption at the time was she had her teeth cleaned and maybe some lousy caps put on. She was trying to be normal- but as she spoke it was hard for me not to giggle, smirk, or even roll over in laughter.

It took me by such surprise and in an incredible way I felt bad for her. She was a teacher who taught  advance placement English at the high school I went to, and I was trying to figure out how I could delicately tell her she had something going on with her teeth.

imagesCAHY5ROUEven though she tried to act like nothing was different- every word spoken was done kinda slowly and  had a muffled sssspppp sound to it. And the facial contortions she was doing to try to make it less obvious- made it more obvious. Somehow the issue was taken care of in days to follow- I have no idea how- she must have gone back to her dentist and asked for a better fit. For all of the sudden her teeth were not the only thing one saw when she looked at them

About 10 years later she had to have a simple surgery. She asked me to drive her in and I offered to stay there with her. To my surprise when the nurse asked her if she had any caps, bridges, dentures…. she whispered… dentures…..not a full one, it comes out…. and than told me to not say a thing… just take them and make sure they are ready to go back in her mouth as soon as she returned. Not one day had I ever seen her without teeth !

Now I understood what that whole teeth face lisp thing was she had going… The dentist must have been in a rush on the mold part… and days later must have trimmed those babies down to look more normal.

I look back now and I laugh over the whole thing. It was not funny for her… but more funny how I had such a hard time looking at her with a serious look as these HUGE bright white teeth were projecting from her face.

Ahh.. memories- they are ours you know. We store them in our minds. And something will welcome them in for a visit. This is one of those memories— I love you mom- I know you are up there watching over me.. and I bet as I write this, your nose is turned up , you have the squint eyed smile and your eyes are tearing as you laugh at this memory with me.

Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs Justa,