Okay, as I hoped to do, we are on the OTHER SIDE of the 2000 miles long storm. Looking in the rear view mirror of life, the last 24 hrs could have been a lot worse than they turned out to be… Huh… imagine that !!!!!!!!!

So let’s put the “car” of life in reverse and go over the last day. Like I mentioned last night the weather people were warning everything from sleet, snow, blizzards, blowing, drifting and up to 16 or 20 inches of snow with thunder. And boy do weather people get excited when we are about to get beat up by a storm. The worse it is, the higher their voices go, the bigger their smiles.

So as we retired for the night, we were drifting off with the weather folks words still floating through our heads. The storm will be hitting around 2AM and will not stop till Weds afternoon. So at 3:05 AM this morning we peeked out of the window. The flag was whipping in the wind, poor visibility and blowing snow…   and no plow beacons flashing. Mark said to me if I wanted to try to get to work we better leave soon. So we were off to fight the winter storm at 3:30 this morning. The roads were not great, I sang softly the Lord’s Prayer for the entire trip// ( he later asked me what I was mumbling) but it is something I do. It brings me a comfort, a calmness. We got into the city at about 4:35..( 32 miles away) so we went to Denny’s and had breakfast, than I was at work by 5:30. The storm lessened in intensity the further away from that we got.

So ( I am such a loser !!) all morning I was thinking about my home made chicken vegetable soup. It is fairly low in calories, I took it out of the freezer last night and let it sit in my lunch bag in the fridge. Noon is a long time to think about soup when ya start thinking about it at 5:30. Finally 12:20- I went to the micro wave… a Pavlov’s dog moment as I watched it tease me as it kept passing by the microwave window.

I wrapped the plastic container securely in a paper towel and headed for my cubicle. I had a 1:00 meeting, this is perfect . I opened it up, stirred it some, thought it was kinda thick, but figured maybe I got lots of veggies…

MAJOR BUMMER— it was SPAGHETTI sauce !!! The chuck of chicken I thought I saw was a mini meatball in reality. So I try to make the best of a really lousy moment.. I trouble shoot. GO down and look in the vending machine for crackers… maybe they will be like a pasta substitute… darn only cheese-its. I buy them , crush them… let me just say.. TOTALLY GROSS.Take my advice, do not try to convince yourself you can have spaghetti sauce for a soup. My stomach is still nauseous, I threw most of it out…

SO the positive side is…. I still have that soup in the freezer.. tomorrow is another day. The big storm is gone, the lake effect machine is pumping snow on us right now..and it is 46 days till Spring.!! Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias CIndy.