Mark said something to me the other day on my way off to work. He made a comment about how I am traveling south to go to work and others are traveling north to go to work. AS I thought about that, it is weird. Why do we work away from where we live? Why is where we live not good enough for us, but is good enough for others to come to ? There are threats of increase in gasoline prices. That has got to be a scary thought to many of the people in this country of ours… in the world really.

I spend at least $50.00 a week for gas right now. And that is as long as we do not go anywhere extra. Plus Marks car needs fuel, not as much as mine. But still. People who live in the major city areas can be in traffic for hours to get to and from work.I can not even imagine the cost for fuel for them. All this fuel, to get away from where we live, to go somewhere else, and than come back again.

What the heck would we all do if all of the sudden there was limited fuel. Like in the 70s when you could only get fuel on an even or odd day, depending on what the last number of your license plate was. If you needed fuel on an odd day- and you were even—too bad… so sad. And the lines to wait for fuel were LONG!!

That was when I bought my PINTO and traded in the 1964 grand prix gas/oil hog. ( That sucker got 10-15  mpg!!) Worse than a truck. It had issues !! It had no rear springs, the guy who sold it to me crammed old tires in the rear area where the springs were supposed to be. ( I did not find that out until it needed to get lifted up in the repair shop.) I was wondering why my teeth were chipping over every bump… it literally bounced and swayed down the road…And when you would step on the gas to go from stop to a moving position , this car would leave  a HUGE cloud of black smoke so bad that the bugs were gone and no one tailgated me. Needless to say the gas shortage/ rationing  was a good inspiration for me to make a change.

It was so funny though, when I bought the Pinto my salesman had come out in the parking lot an eyed the grand prix. The crisp clean white leather interior impressed him. He gave it a quick look and than offered me 500.00 on a trade.. I did not squawk… The day for me to exchange the grand prix for the Pinto came. The salesman surprised me—as I thought I was parking the grand prix and leaving quickly… but he  said he had to  drive the grand prix about 3 miles down the road to their used car lot, he asked if  I could follow in my new car, give him a ride back. My heart went into my stomach… . Well I can not being to explain how funny the look on the salesman’s face was when he started the car, gave it a little gas  and this cloud of black smoke almost engulfed the entire dealership parking lot. When we got to the used car lot, he just looked at me, and said –“ Ah you never mentioned it burned a little oil…” My response was…. “You never asked me!” Heck I bet I could still find remnants from the black smoke if I looked hard enough. And that was 1971 !.

Talking about traveling, this weekend I went to work both days. There is a report I am expected to hand in by days end tomorrow, and I was waiting for the specifics of what is needed in the report. Tomorrow I am really ties up with a couple meetings and the way the days have been going these past few weeks, there are many questions to work on with others. So I figured, I would guess the best I could on what needed to be on this report, and than I had to design it, and than I had to look for the cases that applied for this report. The frustrating thing was my computer at work would not come on !!! So I found another cubicle where the computer did come on, I used that yesterday. Today,,, not so much.. I think on Sundays the system shuts down for weekly maintenance—so I had to hand write everything I need to get on the report, and I will try to get on from home tonight. GRRRR… computers are great when they work… So that was an extra 140 miles of driving this weekend. It becomes the norm for me, for people who live in the urban area and travel maybe 5,000 miles a yr… well I guess the drive to work would be like a day trip to them.

So I am off, we have a movie to watch from Netflix, and I have 25 cases to enter on the report—if I can get on.

Consolidate your driving… gas prices are climbing!!! Love to all, Mrs Justa..alias Cindy