As I hear the news in the background I am thinking about how fortunate we are , at least right now. Can you imagine being in a country, where all of the sudden all cell phones and internet is shut off. Ka-putz- gone. It is shut off in the name of security, or in the name of control.

For those who have the need for the internet to work, well you would be screwed. For the medical world, what would happen to the electronic records? Would they be affected?

And how about those with cell phones as their only form of communication? It is happening, across the ocean in a country far away from the US, but I always have in the back of my mind that we are not asbestos from the evils that burn in the world. With all this going through my brain, I wonder about how terrifying it would be to live there.

I knew a man once who worked for GE- and he was offered a job in Egypt. He took it because the $$ was tax free and very high pay. I have no idea if he is still there, I only knew him in passing. He was a neighbor in the park we used to live in. But what if he is there now? I would assume he communicates with his family in the states that he left to provide very well for them. How lost one would feel.

There was a staggering statistic  of 16.3 million people in that country are living below poverty levels. Now add the lack of education, and now try to figure out how they feel in the uproar in the country. I feel fortunate to have a furnace keeping the house comfortable, clothes on my back, food in the cupboards, a freezer and fridge, water to clean with, a car to drive, and a basically safe country to live in. But I am not different than the people in the unrest—I have 2 hands, 2 feet, a heart, eyes, nose, ears. They probably love a hug, just like any one else. We are all the same really… but situations in our lives have made us look at things differently.

I feel bad for them, I feel bad for the children, but it does not stop in Egypt. I feel horrible for all those suffering throughout the world. I do believe there is plenty of food and money in this world to go around, but some believe they are better than others.

My prayers go out to all… Mrs Justa alias Cindy ( IMAGES FROM GOOGLE IMAGES)