One of my favorite times of day, is when I nestle in my bed, snuggle in just right, and drift off into some setting, some adventure, some event. This morning I did not want to wake up. Not because I did not want to face the day, not because I do not like being awake… no .. because I was in a dream that I did not want to leave.   It is weird. I can not tell you how often that happens. Mark always asks me why I can’t just get up and stay up when the alarm bellows into my subconscious- but it is not that I can not get up… it is because I quickly reset the alarm for another 15 minutes, eyes squinting so as  to not let the day in yet…  and pop back in bed real quick to return to the place I was at in my psyche.

There was a quote once that I thought was deep….

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
Paul Valery “

But for me, the dreams I get wrapped up in do not come true when I awaken. And I am a really strange bird. Let’s say I am in the midst of an awesome or involved dream and either myself or the dog have to relieve ourselves, somehow if I keep my eyes almost shut, and walk slow, I can stay in a sorta half trance, I climb back into bed and return to the dream.

Sometimes the dreams are not great- but I want to see how they end. Sometimes they are creepy… like one a few months ago I dreamt I had a stroke and it paralyzed my left side, I had to go back to sleep to see if I regained my strength. After that one , the first place I went was my dresser and I wrote down quickly what I remembered.

Sometimes they have to do with just stuff, it is like I dive into a short novel when I go to sleep. Sometimes it is a place I can go to talk with my parents, who died years ago. Those are comforting type dreams, because in the dreams I feel them, I see them, I can touch them. Even pets that have passed come alive in my dreams. It is a way to bring back people and animals that have gone to their reward.

I remember when I was pregnant for Jeff, I actually dreamt in the 7th month that I was going to have a baby boy. I dreamt him with blond hair and blue eyes… and he came to be what I had dreamt.

Not every night leads to a dream in the morning that I want to stay in, but I would have to say, enough mornings are like that. I never really remember the dreams, but as I am leaving them for consciousness  I hunger for them to stay. I should keep a note pad next to the bed so I could write them all down.The dreams are like on an etch-a sketch or a magic eraser board- one swoop and they are gone. No trace of them even being. No one to remember them. Gone… I think they are gone but than I wonder —as sometimes in the awake world I have something happen, or I go into a setting that is a de-ja-vu and I can not help but wonder if I was not there in a dream.

What is real? What is imagined? I am so glad for peaceful sleep.

Have a good night, sweet dreams. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy                                                   (photos from goggle images)