image Dang, I do not understand how these guys keep warm… it was close to 20 below zero here and whew it was in the 30 below zero level up in the Watertown/ Saranac Lake regions.

Shiver me timbers!. These little birds have very little coverage- yet they can withstand below zero temps,sitting on snow covered branches, swaying in the breeze….  and us humans- we have snow coats, gloves, ear muffs, scarves and boots and our teeth are chattering.

I heard the Automobile club handled 800 calls today for cars that would not start, people whose cars started and than they locked the doors with the keys in the running car, and for frozen door locks.

Fortunately our cars started, it was funny though, when it is that cold the seat is like concrete. So you go to sit in the car, like you do every day, and your jaw locks down and the teeth bang together.

I remember MANY years ago,image a friend of mine had  Pinto wagon. It was a VERY cold morning – like today. and she decided to check her windshield washer fluid. So she reached for the hood release and all the sudden I heard this weird noise- kinda like dominos falling. It was the face of her grill- it was some sort of plastic, and all these pieces just snapped off.  For years after the car looked like a 5 year old who lost it’s front teeth.

These cars were really neat little cars. I had a day-glow orange one, it was a standard, and I remember when the snow banks were high it literally glowed off them. Oh I loved that car. I got 40 mpg, it handled the road amazingly, it was so comfortable to ride in. I bought it brand new for $1999.00- and I had it for 10 years. Only repairs were regular stuff- heck the clutch even lasted for 100,000 miles. It plowed through snow like nobodies business, there were more than once that the roads were not plowed and I had to get home or to work. When I would get to my destination, I would open the hood and the entire engine area would be white packed snow. So I would have to let it run to dry out the snow. Back than there were distributor caps, and you did not want them to get wet- they would make the car not start. I would put 4 snow tires on it- and I might as well have had a tank… yeah me and my car—we were good buddies. The radio was only AM…but that did not matter- I loved that car… ..the only thing I did not love was the black- look like leather- vinyl seats. Boy in the summer if you had shorts on and sat on them- you actually could feel the fat under your skin start to fry. I used to have to sit slowly down on them, like I was doing the limbo,  I had towels to put down to spare the burns…. HA it was fun…

  That car started no matter the temp or weather conditions too. It is funny… years later- I have another Ford- and it is great too.. There is nothing more comforting in the Northeast than to have a car you feel safe in, that stays in control…

Hope this finds you warm, safe, and find peace in things you have, people you know…. enjoy life… Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

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