jANUARY 22,2011 014 The wind was so strong last night and the snow so heavy, it literally blew into our bird feeders through the slots on the bottom where bird seed is supposed to come out !. BRRR- and amazing…

Just think of that, it had to swoop up inside these feeders.

The other thing I find is totally amazing is how many snowflakes it means fell to make these snow piles. Look how tiny a snow flake is jANUARY 22,2011 042 and than look at how big the snow banks are. That is ALOT of snowflakes.

Oh the snow mobilers are zooming through the fields, every once in a while you hear them go by the house, headed back to their homes, and  the birds have let every one know where food is,, sometimes I feel like they are in the trees just watching us.

jANUARY 22,2011 056


And as soon as they see us fill the feeders, they make some sort of sound to indicate it is party time. the bird diner is open.

It is fun to watch them and with all this snow, people do need to help these little feathered friends out and give them food.

We do enjoy watching them, and now the cat needs a bar stool , so he can see the feeder ,jANUARY 22,2011 022 as the snow banks are really high.

I think if Indi was able to leap up on a bar stool too, he would… but Indi does not leap gracefully like a cat does.

Yes another day closer to spring. Supposedly there may be more snow coming, I am going to probably roof rake sometime tomorrow, for everything that was done … well I am glad it was done… but snow has come and replaced the snow that got removed on Tues or Weds this past week.

I think about the things in life we do over and over again. Cleaning, shoveling, mowing, laundry, dusting, dishes. It is like we do something for that brief feeling of accomplishment, knowing in a blink of an eye, it will need to be done again.

I guess that is a good thing really, because we get to feel like we made a difference quite frequently. I love how the house looks after I have spent a few hours cleaning it. I love the satisfaction of seeing the counters shine, and the smell of fresh laundry. I love knowing that our shower is clean, that feeling of seeing it glow.

Ha I even love lugging in the groceries and putting them all away. Folding laundry, I love the looks of clean folded laundry. And to mow a yard- yes that is an accomplishment, Shoveling snow- I love looking at the end result, and reminding myself of the first thought when I first stuck that shovel in..thinking Oh My Gosh- this is huge…. Even picking up a book- looking at the 200 + pages and thinking uggg… I am never going to finish this… the last page brings a bitter sweet feeling- one of accomplishment because I read all those words..and another bitter feeling because I feel like I am going to loose touch of these people who became alive in my world for a short period of time….

With each moment there are new things to do, things that we may need to do again in a few hrs, or a day later….and some things we may need to do once and than it is over. Sewing something, making a card for someone, writing a post, reading a book, finishing a jig saw puzzle, the list goes on as far as we let it go on.

But these things- make me whole. I hope you have things in your life that bring you satisfaction, joy.