image Survival of the fittest, greed… Look at this guy !! He took all the nuts.. LOL   I was watching him picking on the ground, but I had no idea he was stuffing his bill with just nuts.

He turned around to show me what a hog he was …hope he doesn’t have to squawk at anyone— he will either start choking or totally ruin his precious splurging moment.


I love when I can capture a moment like this on my camera. It is tough. The darn digital camera always makes an announcement click as I am setting it up to take the picture. SO many moments fly right by… HA HA literally when I am trying to take bird shots.

I am always trying to find the best in even the worse people.There is something special about everyone. And in the bird world, it is the same .

These Blue Jays.. well they are not liked a lot by the other birds. They fly in for munchies, and the rest retreat under the trees and in the branches ..spying, watching, waiting for these guys to leave. I wonder if their feelings get hurt. Do they feel rejected? Like when I would go places and people would be ( at least it seemed that way to me) talking about me, snickering. I was not the most popular kid in school… far from it. I remember how it felt to feel like no one wanted to do stuff with me…. Like if I sat at a table… the only people who sat at the same table were people who could not find anywhere else to sit.

Yeah I read somewhere that the blue jay is not the nicest guy on the play ground. The one article was talking about how they go to other birds nests and break the eggs. ,… But do they do that because no one likes them? Or does no one like them cuz the crack the eggs?


They are so pretty though. Kind of majestic looking.

They do like to pick out the peanuts though, I guess that could irritate a cardinal who likes to mix their food.

Are birds like people though? You must know people who are self centered, who might grab for what they believe to be the best item, or the best food . I have known people to take all the nuts out of a bowl of crackers jacks.. Than anyone else is left with just pop corn.

At work I have a hard candy dish… it is funny, some people will take a piece.. whatever it is.. others pick through to find a certain kind. It is fun to listen to the crackle of the candies as they are being carefully moved around. What is the difference between the nuts for the bird or the certain flavor hard candy…. hmmm…..

image It is the end of another weekend… a cold blustery weekend, but at least we were not trying to drive through the snowstorm to get to work yesterday morning.

Tonight is projected to be 12 below zero. The heat tape is working— I hope… and I will put some hot salt water down the drains to protect them from freezing… and I will wonder about all these birds.. how do they not freeze to death?

Have a safe night—bundle up if you have to go out…and until later… My loves goes out to all. Cindy Alias Mrs Justa