Overshoes Five Buckle Rubber Boots - photo

The days of long ago came filtering through my brain today as I was on my way to work. There were kids walking to school. Older elementary school age kids, traipsing down the sidewalks , heading to school on this blustery winter day. As I watched them all in their stylish boots, coats and fancy coats- I was taken  back in time, to a time many many years ago……and it hit me… WE WERE TOUGH COOKIES!!!  We had 2 types of boots- the boys wore ones with weird clasps… and the girls wore rubber boots.

they were over the shoe boots, and they were sometimes “lined” HA…the lining was thinner than a Bounty Paper Towel- it was referred to as being felt—and the only thing it did was make it hard to get your shoe in the darn boot.

So somehow the solution was to put your shoed foot into a Wonder Bread Bag. Yep that’s right— any middle agers out there remember that ?

The bread bag was very distinguishable as we walked down the street with colorful balloons hanging over the tops of our boots.

The other nice thing ( if you can say wearing bread bags to school was nice )  was they helped to keep your feet dry, because all the boots I ever had leaked.

Now living in a large family- we went through a lot of bread- so we all marched for the almost mile flapping our red yellow and blue balloons . It was however the PITS if you forgot to shake all the crumbs out first— HA HA

As I was going in today looking at these kids- I could not imagine one of them wearing the winter boots and bread bag combo.

We did not have fancy gloves either. Nope- we dealt with mittens,, in my house they were home made mittens. And my mom, well she could only knit so fast, so our mittens were like gold, and she wanted us to come home with the two mittens we left with.  It was nice when we were old enough to grow out of the idiot mittens- you know the ones… the left was attached to the right with a LONG strand of knitted yarn- so you put them through your coat sleeves, and you never lost them . Nice feature… but when word got out on the playground we had idiot mittens on, some wise cracker would pull quick on the left and my right hand would come up and smack me in the face.

So once I was around 7 or 8-  I was trusted to have my mittens no longer attached to one another. Nope—I graduated – so to speak to the elastic things with really sharp jaw type teeth in them. You would clip one set of teeth to your mitten and the other set to the cuff of your coat.

These jaws- they grabbed REAL tight. I remember one time wanting to see how tight they grabbed- so I squished my lower lip in-between the two pieces and snapped it together….  –well the rest is history. Dang my eyes are watering just thinking about the pain, shock and thought of “Why did I just do that?” Kinda hard to explain why I had little teeth marks all over my lip. It was alot easier to snap it closed than it was to overlook the pain and unsnap it… That , my dear, was a one time test.

And one other one time test… yeah another real swift move on my part- I tried to open the aluminum storm door knob— at what felt like 100 degrees below zero- as I did this little feat… with my mouth. Well I have to tell you, this beats super glue for strong holding-  hands down. Once this little skill was tested, I was in a rather unusual predicament – as I could not talk, I could not open the door and scream for help, I really believed that was my final destination- my tongue- well it was much thinner once I was freed, and my lips- well it puts the pain to chap lips to shame. Hunched down – lip locked to the door, the tip of my nose freezing as I as bonded to the door.

One of my siblings had to run around the house to another door- as I had a firm grip on this one…and they got my mom. She had to than come around the house- see what the commotion was all about- cuz my sibling only told her to come quick—and left out the problem… My mom was kinda cool in tough situations, so she observed rather quickly- her mind thinking really fast—and than she turned around- as she took off she told me to start breathing really hard- in through my nose and out through my mouth- she flew back around the house.—my siblings and now the neighborhood kids serenaded me with laughter… it seemed like forever- but she  returned with a gallon jug of warm water. …..It worked, it was painful and not only had I left half the inside of my mouth on the door knob- I now was drenched….

Ah… the  things we do to our parents….the foolish things we do as kids.

Have a wonderful night, and take my advice…. stay away from aluminum on cold days… and be safe. Love Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy


PS per a request  I ahve been asked to post this picture….