The computer saga continues. I will not go on and on about it… ya kinda gotta laugh. Crying is too much effort and my face will be puffy and red. So the evening has been rather entertaining in a pathetic sort of way. I think from my office chair this evening I have been around the fricken world. ..How you might ask…. well I got yet another  e mail on how to get the Office 2010 professional version on my computer. Should be easy… NOT… Microsoft sent me an e mail- just click on these 3 downloads and it will be installed in a little bit of time.

So I try… Nope – will not download the links- but wait there is an 800 number. So I call, it is an automated mans voice- I tell him what I need in one word answers, and than he sends me to  Philippians’ customer service folks… ( I believe) .. I give them my name ,my phone number, my e mail and home address- ( all to verify I am who I am) and than low and behold they give me another number to call. Same thing again… but this time I think I may have gone to South America somewhere…once again- after I slowly try to explain the issue I am given another number… funny how each number is open 6AM to 6PM Pacific TIme ( Is China, Japan and Phillipines on Pacific time?)again they could not help me…. so than I am off around the globe once again…. I got a guy who sounded like he was Mickey Mouse from India on Hellium… Now that was interesting…every word he spelled and gave me a word that starts with the letter… well “f” as in funk was kinda offensive sounding with his accent and the helium thing going… I asked him what he said and I chuckled a little- having Micki on Hellium curse at me … but alas he changed it to “f” as in foxtrot… and “t” as in tango..( hmm I think he likes dancing LOL)  in the end- he could not help me.. but I was in India for 1 hr and 15 minutes… Still I have a product to download and no one to assist. Finally Micki from India on Hellium forwarded me to a sweet little voice who also sounded like she was mideastern in tight jeans. She gets to the nuts and bolts… after 20 minutes of my time, she informs me that the technical people could assist if I want to give her my credit card number – it will only be $59.00 an hr. Sooo I have a software package I have bought, and can not use the download links….and I have plastered my name around this wonderful wolrd.. I AM FAMOUS !!!    welcome to my nightmare of a week. I basically told her that THEY have totally wasted my evening. GRRR< I was not happy… still am not actually…. 

We are going to have to go to the Geek Squad…. there are no other options.

Other than that… may I say this week has been a turn of events and situations that I could not have made up. MAJOR full moon syndrome this month ! Snow blower is froze up, maybe another foot of snow tomorrow, bizarre things ALL week. over 2 feet of snow in 24 hrs..1-17-2011 004And than this morning…. HA funny ( not really funny) but yeah kinda— Mark had opened the front door a little bit  and Indi decided to take off – he NEVER does that. Well he was free and he flew across the street, jumped over the snow bank ( with visions of more than what he got I am sure)  and literally buried himself in the snow on the otehr side of the snow bank…..  It is so deep that Mark got his leash and called him to come over- and after Indi  struggled to get out of the 4+ feet of snow – he was almost glad to get on his leash.

Kinda scary though- he has never been a darting out the door dog- so I hope it was a freak reason and not a new thing he is up to…

So I am about to go watch a movie– “The Grown Ups” – I need a good laugh. My butt and calves are really sore still from roof raking for hours 2 nights ago…. and from the gym last night. Ugg… what a week…. one more day… and than a weekend of snow again… Sigh…

but ONE DAY CLOSER TO SPRING!!! Geek squad- here we come !… Love to all, Mrs. Justa.. alias Cindy