Aggg,Lake Effect Storm 1-16-2011 042 I feel like screaming out the window… but I would have my scream come back in my face as it ricochets off  a 7 foot snow bank!.

I HATE feeling computer stupid. We have a program at work where we are given access to Microsoft Office 2010, it is a simple download after you purchase the packet for a discount price. I can not get it downloaded.

It is weird- you have to put in your work email address and a code they gave us, and when I open my e mail at work the download option is there… but when I forward it to my home computer- as that is where it is supposed to be downloaded on- the download option does not forward over. So I play their stupid games and enter my work e mail again and the code they want me to enter- and all it does is send another e mail to my computer at work, telling me I have purchased the program …. aggg.

Than this new computer keeps clicking off to “owner” and I have to click “owner” to get it to come back on. I have looked high and low for where that setting is—but I can not find it.

And we have this new digital scanner that has traveled back and forth to the shop we got it at, to get a tweak here and there… and still it is not getting a lot of digital calls.

So I have had it with techie, modern , computer stuff. I am just feeling so darn stupid. And I know I am not. But why the heck do things have to be so complicated. If work is giving the option to do this program, than why is the program designed to send the e mail to my work e mail- when in fact I need it at my home? I hesitate calling the 800 number- I will probably get someone from a different country with a strong accent and not have any idea what they are saying.

Heck I tried to go on line to order a crock pot lid- and every time I got to the shopping cart- my lid was virtually in it..and then the screen bounced back as if I had not asked for anything yet. I did this little process 4 times, than finally I just wrote their customer service virtual rep, and got an e mail today saying to call them. I told Mark either I am getting 4 lids for the crock pot –or their site was not working well. I am off… I have to get away from this … agggg. Mrs justa… alias Cindy

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