Where is your next step going? what are you doing with your life? What does life have in the future for you?

I ask this as I think about a young woman who is working for me, at least until tomorrow. She has chosen to climb up steps in life that will take her away from our work and go towards another direction. In watching her expressions as she spoke to me about the decision to leave, I saw the difficulty she was having. I ran back into my emotional vault of times gone by and I was the one with the dreaded typed sheet of paper, handing it to my boss. And at that time, the unsettledness of saying the words, the nervousness of wondering if the steps in front of me are the ones I should be stepping on.

Our lives are something we can all ponder over, if we want to. The old proverbial question of “Why are we here?” “what is the purpose of our being?” I often look back on my life, and some of those steps that led me to here, at the time I was taking them I was uncertain.. I put faith in God and a plan. SO I truly feel that this woman is making the choices right now, because it is meant to be that way.

We need to be aware of when doors open in our lives and not be so focused on the doors that have closed. We need to look for those steps and take them with optimism. One step at a time, eyes WIDE open, and remember  it is not all about you..or any of us.

Good luck on your steps in life… and perhaps we will meet up again tomorrow… God willing.. Love, Mrs Justa  alias Cindy