I somehow knew it was going to be a busy evening when Mark called and said that instead of the gym, how bout coming home for snow removal. that seemed like a fair deal, and yet it sounded like it was image going to be an adventure in the tundra of lake effect snow. Lake effect snow flakes are not like regular snow flakes—no .. they are snow flakes on steroids. These suckers are blinding in the headlights as you try to drive in them, they pile up really quick, and the snow is deep- but FLUFFY. If you were not watching what you were shoveling- you can not tell when you have the snow in your snow shovel- it is like shoveling air. Now the sucky thing is if you do not do anything with it right after it falls- it becomes more dense, and heavy.

And I was right. I bet we got over a foot of snow today, and even though we have a guy who plows the driveway, there is still a side walk to do, and the area for the dog to go out and do his business in, and the roof raking.

Now some folks may not know what roof raking is. It is not really anything like raking leaves in the fall, ..no this is definitely a good replacement for doing the upper body machines at the gym.

This is what a roof rake looks like… It has poles, probably each one is 5 feet long, and they have a button you push in so it locks into the next one. It is an aluminum pole and the longer it gets , the more bounce it has. I actually have 2 extra poles, but if I had the roof rake on a 25 foot pole- anything in swinging distance would be in grave danger.


Did you ever see a Laural and Hardy movie –( thanks to google images- here is a scene from one of their movies… HA HA

or the 3 stoogies—carrying a plank and knocking everything and everyone  out in sight. That .. my friends.. would be me. I have enough fun managing the 15 feet.

So to roof rake- what you do, is start at the edge of the roof and gradually go up and pull the snow off as you do it. You can stand on the ground or do it from a ladder- I usually just try to do it from the ground and work up maybe 3-4 feet up the edge. I do it , so we avoid ice jams coming up under the shingles, and with the edges roof raked  down to the shingles- if the sun come out, it heats the shingle some and helps the rest of the snow melt . One thing I tend to forget ( even though I have done this for 20 + years), is I shovel the entrance ways into the house before I roof rake… and than low and behold, the snow off the roof that used to be over the doorways.. well- it is in the doorway. So I end up shoveling the 3 entrances to the house 2 times.

Mark was able to use the snow blower and snow blew a double path around the house and I than followed with my 15 foot weapon in hand. Man oh Man there was  LOT of snow roof  on the back part of the house – probably over a foot, and the front was less- I would guess I was raking 6-8 “ off the front- the wind had helped me out there. The shed was really packed with deep snow on the roof , so I did that too.  I think it took 1 1/2 hrs to do everything, so I am sitting here, thinking fond thoughts about my heated mattress pad that is waiting for me … and feeling the evening adventure in my neck and shoulders. Nope—I did not need the gym tonight…had one right here.

be safe everyone- I heard tonight that 49 of the 50 states have snow today. If you have LOTS- a roof rake is a really neat invention… I am justa saying ! Love Mrs justa.. alias Cindy