Today was a test, not sure what it was testing, not sure if I passed or failed, but it was a test.

I know that some do not believe in the full moon syndrome, and yet I experience it frequently. The way I see it, we get signs and freaky things indicating the timing of the full moon 2 weeks before and one week after. Well a week from tomorrow is the full moon and weird things are happening.

At lunch I went to a store that is closing for two types of things….

First thought was  I could maybe pick up a toy for here that is for a little bit older child than what we have here- as Brandon will be outgrowing some of the toys we have. The toy I saw ( and there were not many) was totally in Spanish! Not anything in English- so regardless of the great price, the game ( I know not what it is called) remains in the store.

So than I zoomed to the clothing, thinking maybe I could get the next size down for me or Mark. The aisles are crammed, and nothing is in order. I found these dress pants- they were going to cost 4 or 5 bucks, I placed them in my cart and parked it at the end of the aisle, ( as there was not room for a cart between the close packed clothing rack) with my pants in the seat.This other lady – a smaller woman- was rummaging through the clothing too. All of the sudden she is heading towards me with a cart. I looked at the end of the aisle- my cart is missing… So ( and this is not me usually!!) I went right to her and asked if she got the cart from the end of the aisle? She starts yanking her stuff out of the cart, I asked –“ What did you do with the pants I had in the cart?” She said “ There weren’t any pants in the cart.” I told her to keep the cart, and than out of no where I looked right at her and said “ You are a liar!” As I was stomping away, I noticed what appeared to be my pants crammed at the end of the aisle. I just left- to Heck with it !.

My next venture was the store next door- I need a box of legal envelopes. As I go in, there is this woman at a display of off brand- wanna be DVDs. She has body language that was indicating she was dealing with a mental health disorder. making distorted faces and flailing her arms around- all of the sudden she looks right at me and starts laughing hysterically. I mean tears rolling down her face, red face, an almost contagious laugh if it was not so inappropriate with the situation. Me… I just want to get my envelopes and get the Hell out of Dodge. So I go to the envelopes- she is following me, belly laughing… so I checked out quickly and got in my car- kinda feeling like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz- and “There’s no place like Home”..

So back to work- finished the weird day- and than tonight on the way home from the gym, Mark was following me in his car- and he asks…. “Is my right headlight moving?”

Well it was not moving- it was dancing to the music… come to find out—all the screws were gone and the actual area the main screw is supposed to screw the thing into the car at- well that was gone. Soooooo once again—payday is 2 days away… and the Intrepid longs to be fondled by the Dodge Dealer… uggg….

Now… winter warnings… it is snowing…. it is cold… and on the scanner a little while ago a police officer called in to say he was trying to pull over a tractor trailer driver andthe guy drove his rig into the median ( which in January in CNY it is all filled with snow… ) than  someone just called in because her neighbor is playing loud music and opening and shutting his door continuously…. weird stuff out there…. weird stuff…

Good luck – watch yourself…. Love Mrs Justa alias Cindy

( images from google images)