Ya know you are getting old, when a registration form on line wants to know the date you were born and you have to scroll down for what seems as- FOREVER- to find it. Heck, i was kinda worried it was nto going to go that far back !

( from efunnycartoons)

That happened to me tonight. I had bought Printmaster 2011. I like to create cards for family and friends, and also special cards for work. The one I have been using – I was informed by the computer folks when they were working on my previous computer… was ANCIENT>>>( Kinda like my age  …. ) they said something like- “ We are surprised it even works for you.”  

So I down loaded the new Printmaster this evening. I have a project of sorts I am working on, and I needed something. The software now a days seems to have a safety on it, where you have to register it, and it only wants one person to use it. Guess they don’t like us sharing the software… Kind of a bummer, but that is how they get us by the ol curly cues.

Jeff and I both are looking for Microsoft Office – and I guess now they make a version that you can buy and share with one or two other people. It is NOT CHEAP – but when  you all pitch in it is at least a little reasonable. I had to laugh ( pathetically of course) at myself last week when Jeff and Josh were here and I was mentioning I wanted to download Microsoft Works.. Well you would have thought I was saying I wanted to live in a cave and start eating bark and berries, and having a guy pull me by my hair.

They both looked at me and almost together said– “That is so outdated !” and “You don’t want THAT.!!” ..well until they informed me how out of date I am-  how archaic my idea was- well I thought I was being pretty techy smart. I LIKE Micro Soft Works… ( silly ol fart that I am)

One day, quite  a few months back, I had CDs playing in the background, and Jeff and Amanda had come over, ( I think this was pre-Preston) and I thought it was cool music—stuff they would like… they came in- it was playing for a bit- I was thinking how good a choice I had made… and all of the sudden it was a look they both gave each other, and Jeff asked something like “ What is this music you are playing???”  they did not know who or what it was ! I was surprised how out of touch I was with reality !

Than the topper- the frosting on the ol farts cake… was this past end of December… as the New Years Eve TV festivities were advertising their plans- I had to really laugh at my old timer-hoodness that I have slipped right into— the only names on their advertisements I knew were Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest. And not for anything….but as much as I grew up with Dick Clark… I think he really has reached his prime and than some.

 Kinda like that pathetic performance of Mick Jager a few years back at the super bowl!!I felt so old watching him and his crew. Heck I can still remember going to the movie theater as a pre teen, and all the girls were screaming at the movie whenever Mick Jagers face appeared. And there he was , on stage at the supper bowl, looking like he needed Oxygen , a walker and major botox.   How did the years go by so quickly ?

Today at the gym, I noticed a birthday wish on the screen to Rod Stewart…. he is 66 years old today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ha… I really am old fashioned I guess. But I am having fun at it…who knows ..

maybe I will go searching for color-forms – remember how cool they were? A board in a box , with different vinyl accessories , and you could dress the figures in different outfits…or scenes on the board and the plastic colorforms could be used to change the scene.


And paper dolls…. ahhh…that was the good ol days…. . They were so much fun…. Love to all. Mrs.Justa alias Cindy ( Photos off googleimages)