Tonight was date night for Jeff and Amanda and grandparent night for us. It is always so much fun to share time with the grandkids and tonight was no exception. Preston changes ever so much each week. You see so many changes in that first year. Tonight he was sitting firmly by himself, and he rolls and scooches from one end of the living room to the other. He drinks juice  from a sippy cup, and man he takes it seriously, he smiles a smile that can’t help but make my heart turn to mush, and he just lights up the room.

Brandon is full of adventure. He is always trying to fix something or see how something works. He drags the dining room chair across the kitchen floor every time he thinks he might be able to help. He knows right from wrong somewhat. He is inquisitive, yet he knows when he is heading to something that maybe he should not He loves to sit on your lap and get read to, he loves to laugh..

Both the boys are really no trouble at all, and they LOVE – and I mean


Bath time. So even though we were told we did not have to, but if we wanted to, bathe them tonight- that either way was okay. Well naturally I wanted to let them have their settling down time in the warm bath. For Christmas they received this toy that you set in the center of the tub and it pumps water up through different attachments and becomes ether a little fountain or a sprinkler for in the tub. Well the kids love it, their parents did tell us they would. The bath is happening about an hour or so into our watch. Mark and I are in the bathroom, kinda covering for each other- when I am washing one- he is keeping an eye on the other, and when I take one out, he stay there with the other as I get the first dressed.

So here I am, Preston and me in his room, I am drying him off and singing the alphabet song over and over- in the background I hear Mark and Brandon as Brandon is playing in the tub, than Mark said something like – you used to get in there , you are too big for it now,  and all of the sudden I hear Mark and Brandon talking – Mark is saying to Brandon- “you got in there, you have to  get out the same way.” and Brandon is saying in his cute toddler voice “ Help.” “ Help”  What he did was climb into the bath seat for Preston- and when he climbed in- he did it spread eagle, so there he sat, legs stiff as a board and when ever Mark tried to lift him gently out- he locked his legs and said “Help” or “ can’t” His body was wet and slippery.

I  went in the bathroom and handed Preston to Mark, and I fidgeted trying to release Brandon from this seat. Finally as  Mark was watching me, and I had unsuctioned the seat from the bottom of the tub—in my mind thinking that Jeff and Amanda would just love us if we had their first born stuck in the bath seat. We are both saying if he could so easily get in there, he can surely get back out.

After it was unattached- I got Preston back and Mark guided Brandon back a  little and he straightened his body this reshaped the bottom and he slid out very easily. I have to laugh…when it was happening we were calm and assuring Brandon it was okay… but to this moment I had no idea how he slipped into it so carefully yet could not get out. It was funny really, and it brings back so many memories of parenting, when our own kids did things that no matter how carefully you watch them.. they are clever little ones… The tales of raising children. My love to all….. Mrs Justa alias Cindy