Half the weekend is coming to an end and I am feeling like the whole weekend has past. A lot has happened today. We started the day at 6:30 this morning. Up early as Saturday is breakfast with friends. it is funny because we always say we will meet at 8:00 but it always seems like we or they are always early. It has become a joke of sorts.

From there to the gym, and I busted every part of ass there is to bust !. The machines I did for about 25 minutes- and I intermittently filled in with jogging in place with 12 pound weights in each hand, and doing standing crunches- ( I did 120 of them ) and than on the machines I  changed the types and weights and did different things, the elliptical I made the stride as long as it lets a person stretch , the first 15 minutes of my 25 minute sweat out I was moving everything that moves on my body in the stance setting 19. Stance 19—well….That is similar to stretching your legs as far as they will go as you climb a mountain, than I went to the bike- biked about 1 mile every 4 and 1/2 minutes at tension 8. For me—I beat my butt.

Off to the shower, than we headed home. Let the dog out, and off to grocery shop. image Started my various weekend chores, and this afternoon we were blessed with Jeff and Amanda and the boys . Mark had bought a porch light for the front of the house, as the one we had kept blowing bulbs- Jeff came over to help us put it in. ( Meaning Jeff was a huge help!!!) We ordered Pizza and had salad, and a nice few of hours.

January 8, 2011 009


Preston is now drinking from a sippy cup at times, and Brandon actually used a coffee mug and drank without a sippy cup… They are precious, make my heart feel warm.

I am thrilled we still have another day for the weekend. In a bit we are going to watch some TV ( or DVRed shows from Thurs and a movie from Netfklix)

As I sit here for this brief moment I am feeling proud of Jeff and Amanda- they are such neat people. I truly love them and the kids to pieces. I thought my life was whole before being a parent, but than I realized after being a parent, it had not been ………parenting is wonderful- my life was whole ….. and than our children got married- ahh life is whole now- we love the spouses our kids have….our lives are full…. but not so fast….. than there were grandchildren- I found that my life was not whole. Hmmm … is it whole now?  Who knows, only God knows what lies ahead…..

Love to all, I wish you can find what makes you whole. Mrs Justa alias Cindy