Sunday was a special day. It is not often we have the kids and their families all together. We are kinda in the background listening to them all enjoy one another during part of the visit. They seem to all get along so well, and Jeff and Adrianne really have a bond, even though they are each from different parents. Mark and I met when our kids were 3, so that is quite a history really. It was the finale of the Christmas season. As we worked in the kitchen we heard the laughter, the common situation each kid and their spouses were having with parenting… it was a nice time.

Their kids will have fun with one another as the years go by.

Here are some shots of this past Christmas season.  December 2010 192 December 2010 181







December 2010 168

December 2010 197








December 2010 027

December 2010 175

December 2010 082 December 2010 042








December 2010 086