Today was a sobering day for me and I think for Mark too.  There is a person who I know from work who had her mobile home catch fire 2 weeks ago. It happened after they had all gone to bed, and fortunately for all, the teenage son smelled something and woke his parents. They lost everything- now when one hears about a person losing everything it is just words really. When you look around your home and look at the simplest things you use every day, everything becomes a more powerful word.

We had some things for them , so they stopped over this morning, and as they got out of the car, my heart dropped. I had heard the husband had burnt his feet, but it was 2 dimensional, but as he hobbled, a smile on his face, his feet in bandaged and those special sandal type sturdy splints on his feet.. it was real- or moreso- as I thought wow, he burnt his  feet in the fire.

We had a chair next to the door for us to take our boots off when we come in and he found it to be in the perfect spot to get the pressure off his feet. His wife and we helped carry the things to their car. It was not a lot – but it was stuff they could use.

As he sat there, he shared the horror of the night. His wife and he both said that everyone needs a real plan what to do in case of a fire. She always thought they had a plan. until the moment came and a plan was needed. She described the panic, not even being able to remember 911- she was dialing 991- he recalls having everyone get out , in whatever they had on when they were sleeping, that was it… no shoes, no glasses, and him in his underwear only.  He recalled how he tried to fight it with the fire extinguisher, but it was not stopping. He said it was fast- maybe in 4 minutes, they lost everything, things he didn’t realize they lost till they go for it- like his brush, or spices to cook with, or tooth paste.

She was saying that they had intentionally been cramming food into their freezer to make sure they had food to spare… it is all gone. They both kept saying that all can be replaced. It will take time, but they will be okay, they have each other.

He had a good attitude, searching for positive in a life changing situation. But in the end, just before he left, he said out of everything they have gone through, the worse, the utmost worse … is his dog died from smoke inhalation. That is why his feet are burnt, because he kept going in to find his dog, he said he depended on that dog, that dog was his partner, his best friend.

And as they drove off, and for the rest of today, and many days to follow, I will remember the pain, the emptiness as he said those words. We need to all have a plan….. for it can happen in a moment. Peace to all, and prays for healing to this man, to this family. Love, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy