Koala Okay, I hope this works. Ugg… I used this picture- cuz my head feels this way…. this has been a rough couple of days. I started getting sick Weds evening, but thought it was nothing. Well the nothing has become something – the dreaded winter cold. Yesterday afternoon/evening was really the pits, and today it is no fun party either. Just really congested, feels like my head is full of cement. Runny nose, draining  lots… uggg. I am hoping tomorrow will be a New Year and I will feel refreshed and a new woman.

This morning I was off ,so we ended up meeting for breakfast with Shawn and Pat. Well I took my first tiny bite of my sour dough toast and wouldn’t cha know it my darn cap on my tooth came out with the pin from the root attached !, So now I can not breath, can not taste and I have this hole in my mouth.

I did not want to make a scene or ruin everyone’s breakfast, so I carefully ate on the Left side of my mouth, tried to act normal, even though I was feeling poorly and bummed because my tooth—or lack there of my tooth.  I really was proud of how smoothly I pulled the whole thing off. I felt it in my mouth, so I took my napkin and wiped my mouth gently , captured the cap/[pin- than slowly, inconspicuously reaching into my purse- I had a zip lock sandwich bag with a few French vanilla creamers in it, so I took them out, placed them on the table, did a switcherooo with the cap/pin, folded the bag with my one hand and shoved it in my purse.

After we were done, and when Mark and I were in the car, I told him about my dilemma. This is a common occurrence with me, if I ever have tooth problems it is on a holiday weekend more often than not. I called the dentist, he assured me it will be okay till Monday- so for the new year I have this crater feeling spot in my mouth. Doesn’t hurt… just is annoying as all get out.

I feel bad because I got sick and ended up calling Jeff and Amanda, as we were going to watch the little guys  this evening, but no one wanted the germs spread…


the tooth- well I guess if it had to happen, this is a good time- as my dental insurance annual allowable amount is refreshed on 1-1-2011—and my flex card also starts 1-1-2011.

Last night at about 11:00 PM I went to verify my flex account for last year was zeroed out, only to find I had another 97.21 to spend today or I would loose it. So we went and bought Tylenol, ibuprofen, prilosec, and band aids. Glad I checked !! I would have been p.o.ed if I had thrown away 97 buckaroonies..

I am not sure I will make it till next year’s birth,,,, I am going to go and take a HOT shower, vicks myself up and try to sleep – elevated- on pillows… Next year is about to come, it is new, and I want to feel better when I see the very first minute of it. Happy New Year one and all… Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy