The holiday weekend has past and the family folks have gone to their homes here and there. It was neat to see each other, all our different personalities and places we are in life, yet with a common bond. That none of us would have been there with our kids, our grandkids, our spouses, our significant others, our friends… without the bond of love that was formed by my mom and dad.

We love to see each other, we have our laughter, we see the different things people bring for the $20.00 gift passing, and we really enjoy the moments we have together.

My one Niece and her beau came down for the holiday weekend, they  live in Northern Vermont – she wrote on facebook a very meaningful statement…

“What a wonderful Christmas! I am so blessed.”

Another Niece is in the Navy, away from here- in Turkey—she wrote… “Merry Christmas To All!… Bless all my fellow military serving over seas on this day away from family and friends… And to all a good night “

and my kid sister who lives with her 2 kids and husband in Alabama wrote

“…we missed being with everyone for Christmas eve…….We were there is spirit!!! Love you” 

I began to think about my other family members and friends…  and than tonight- we pulled in from the gym at 8:00- the answering machine was blinking ( this is not a normal occurrence) and it was a voice from long ago— asking me to call him, giving me his number in Texas. The voice did not need identifying, he has a special voice… Mark and I knew who it was in a instant.

I called him, we talked for a pretty long time, his laugh is the same—even though since we spoke last ( about 5-6 years ago) he has had life challenges, jobs that have helped him survive, battling prostate cancer and the most amazing news was a couple years ago finding out that the reason he has been dependant on glasses – and difficulty with his vision ( he was legally blind !!)  since he was 6 years old ! – was due to some pretty gnarly cataracts. He had them removed, he had the artificial lenses put in and poof- he only needs glasses to read. Wow.. how totally amazing that gift must have been to him.

And as I think about each of these people…and many more that are in my heart, in my mind, in my past.. I am thinking that no matter how many miles away…. we all see the same moon, the same stars, the same sun.

My love is being sent to all of you, and I can not wait till that next sometime I will see each of you again.  but until there, remember that I am looking at the moon, at the same time. Love to all, mrs Justa.. alias Cindy