100_4665 Traditions … traditions that have lasted through the years and lived on after the people who started them have passed on to their reward.

Traditions, somewhat altered, edited in a way, but the base still exists.

Christmas Eve… well since I was born, Christmas Eve was at my moms house. Basically until I had moved out- it was logical it was there- heck that was where I lived.

But after I grew up and many years later was married, and after that divorced and again married- well that tradition has remained. The meal has changed, to a new tradition, and my mom has been gone for quite a few years now, but her house is now my brothers home, and my brother and his wife always host Christmas Eve. Now the meal is beef strogenoff with egg noodles- and let me tell you it is GOOD!!! All my local siblings and their families, and my brother and his wife’s children, Jeff and Amanda and their children, we will all be there.

100_4667 The gift exchange- well that has changed too. It was getting pretty expensive to buy for everyone- and if money was tight, you knew the gifts being bought were not what you wanted to buy, and it was a chance the receiver would not really get much use out of it. So now. well it is fun…. we each buy a 20.00 gift, and than we draw numbers. Whoever is numero uno- picks first, than every single person who follows can steal numero unos gift – or anyone who has chosen a gift …..if they like it better.

In years past, the hot items contained alcohol in them and the 21 and older folks had their eyes on anything with drinking attached to it. Other things go from hand to hand too- like fountains, and gift cards… The younger kids- they are name drawn- so they will receive age appropriate gifts.

The night is fun, it is refreshing to not have the hassle of trying to figure out what to buy for 20 people.

Another tradition is my sugar cookies. I make them EVERY Christmas. And people seem to look forward to them. They are fun to do, and pretty yummy. It is one of those things that I make and can not really instruct anyone else how to do them, cuz I do not measure for the frosting- it is more a little of this and that and somehow it comes out the same.

This year will be a little weird, my niece is in Turkey, in the Navy- and she really loves Christmas. Maybe she will be there on Skype. HA—there are a few Christmases that she popped her face in front of me when I tried to take a photo. She has a terrific smile, and ya just had to laugh. So all in all… tonight will be fun.

Tomorrow – well we are still trying to adjust to Christmases as the years go by. Our kids have their own kids, and really Christmas morning should be without pressures of packing the family and going to parents homes- so we may go over to Amanda’s and Jeff’s in the AM and watch the grandkids as they experience Christmas morning. Than we are going to have a small turkey breast dinner here, just the 2 of us. Maybe go to Lights on the Lake- that is a neat light show in Liverpool, and just enjoy the blessings life has given to us, and be thankful for all we have. I think maybe I will put in “It’s a Wonderful Life” too… I just love that movie……………. ( Mark… not so much )

So “Merry Christmas to all…. and to all a good night … “…..((real original )))   Love to all Cindy… alias Mrs. Justa