Have you ever had that one place that you looked forward to each Christmas Time. That one house or two that went all out. Not quite like the Fockers or Chevy Chases Christmas Movie.
When Jeff was a little to an almost grown up  tyke, he and I would go out every week , a couple nights a week, and just drive around and look at holiday displays. There was one house in Liverpool that we made sure to go check out each year. They had all kinds of Santas and angels, and snow men and lights. It was so incredible. We were bummed when they moved.

Well there is a new place in town- 100_6832 we check it out every year. Mark and I went on Sunday night. This place is unbelievable.

This year they have added a reindeer over their pool area that might just give a little tike a night mare. This sucker stands about 20-30 feet tall. 




It gave me the hee-bee jeebies…. 100_6830_edited

Their entire yard, front and back is filled with air displays. This year they have 2 containers at their driveway for people to contribute a non perishable item for the food bank- which I think is totally cool.

I have no idea if they shut things down at night. I would hope so, as they have some things set up that will blast out music if you clap.

If we took Brandon there we would have to stop and get out and walk so he could really take it all in. it is really cool they do this. And lots of people go check them out .

Merry Christmas to them and to all… I hope you can find a festive place… just like this one. It just makes me smile. Love to all, Cindy alias Mrs justa….