Today I was asked to do something that seemed simple. That was until I went to do it.

See about 15 – 20 employees at work signed up to be pen pals to a student in the city schools. This is the first time I have done this, so I am not quite sure what to expect and when,but from what I can figure out the children write a pen pal letter to one of us. When we receive it, we are to write back to them . I believe we write back and forth once a month through June. Than in June we meet the kids and they meet us. It seemed like a neat thing to do, so when they were asking for volunteers, I signed up.

100_4365 Well this morning when I arrived at work there was an    e mail stating the pen pal letters had not yet arrived,     ( which was news to me, I was not expecting the pen pal letters ) so for December we were being asked to write something encouraging , something special in a Christmas Card and just sign our first name. The cards we were being asked to do are going to go to people who will not be receiving Christmas cards, visitors or gifts this Christmas. It is geared to residents in nursing homes.

So there I sat, a Holiday card on my desk and I could not think what to write to someone I do not know, someone I have no idea of their history, someone who has no one. I wanted to be prophetic. I wanted to write something that would give them something special. Do you know it took hours for me to finally write something. I felt insignificant, I felt almost unworthy of this task. It was strange how much this meant to me to do it just right, yet not knowing how to be just right.

Oh after the many hours of glancing at the card staring at me , it was on the corner of my desk, out of the way of any misguided pens, of any drops of water from my water bottle, … and finally my pen and the paper met.

I can not recall the exact words I wrote, but I hope they bring a ray of warmth to someone in a few days. As I finished the day, my thoughts went from how can I do the task at hand, to who will this person be. A person who has no one…. a person who is lonely. I wanted to know who that person was and maybe invite them here for a warm cooked meal and a family environment. But that will not happen.

In the end, I feel like I wish I had a whole box of cards to share. I feel bad for the people and I realize there are many more people who are lonely, who would love someone to talk to, to listen, to sit with quietly.

For those people, I will say a prayer for comfort, and hope that someone does something for them.
Love to all, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy