Wow,it is Sunday at 5PM and I am working towards finishing my weekend. Laundry is laundering, bills paid, Quicken updated, gifts bought and need wrapping, cookie batter to get going, and dinner to get put on.

I have come to a few conclusions this weekend… one is – even though no 100_6778one has money—they are out spending it. The traffic was insane yesterday…parking was hard to find…and all around there were people with carts full of wonder and magic.. ( and hours of wrapping ahead of them )

I think we have done good , we tried to keep within a reasonable budget to get gifts to people that we wanted to give and not because we were trying to keep up with others.

Christmas is such a crazy time because it seems that people go nuts spending money … and why… really. Maybe instead of money if we spent more time with one another… is that more not what life is about.

Christmas to me is a magical time, a time when we decorate our homes, our porches, our trees, out yards in a spirit of celebration. For many people I know, it is because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. And in some way, the joy of the celebration has meant we give each other gifts.

It is all I have ever known at the holidays. That no matter how much or how little money there was, we did special things for other people. There was one year I worked at the Christmas Bureau- that was a special year for me, helping those who have nothing- so that they had something.

A couple of different years I sang at retirement homes—oh the residents loved that. And many years I have gone around singing Christmas Carols , as the snowflakes landed on our eyelashes, our toes got cold and our hearts filled with warmth…many  people opened their doors, smiled  and listened, as we went from house to house .. we there was hot chocolate waiting for us when we returned to thaw out.

The snow has stopped, and I am thinking it might be fun this week to drive around and see the decorations. I do believe in Jesus, and I do believe in giving gifts to others because of the miracle of his birth. I am going to make this short- as I have a bunch of stuff to do… as probably many people are feeling the last few day crunch too.

So for now, for what ever reason you are doing whatever you do around Christmas time… I hope you are safe… I hope you feel the magic, the joy, and I hope that life is okay… Love to all. Mrs Justa…