BLACK & DECKER PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor PCS10 Image1

BLACK & DECKER PlantSmart Digital Plant Care Sensor

Model # PCS10     Internet # 202498712    

$49.99/BX-Box Ships FREE with $249.00 Order


This neat little gizmoo is in the Home Depot for a gift idea for the gardener in all of us. I guess this tells you how your soil is, what you can grow in it and what you need to fix….

Now if you got this in upstate—north of the finger lakes, Oswego, Onondaga, ….. County NY… it would be the gift to bring hope. Kinda like the Sears Catalog Christmas Wish list was to us when we were kids. Yeah, some of us are dealing with about 5-6 feet of snow in the  snow belt area.

But tonight… ahh—yeah baby- no wind, a few stars out, roof edges have been raked- took about 3 feet of snow off the shed roof, there is a double width path around the house done with the snow blower, the sidewalk is open and we are ready for the next bout of winter.

Do you remember the Wish Books from Sears. It was a book filled with ads of items kids would just love….

I was from a family of 9 kids  ( 6 were all young together) and we would get that catalog in the mail and we would all grab it and fight over it. We would take a pen, circle the picture of whatever we wanted  and write our name over each item we felt would be a neat toy or item to get for Christmas. Oh we studied these ads, we stared at the pictures, we had big dreams, and we knew we would receive one gift, but that did not stop us from marking off a hundred different things.

And oh my goodness- sometimes more than one of us would want our name on the same thing, well we would each want our name to be the one that stood out. HA.. by the end of the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season- this catalog looked like it was 10 years old.

And in the end…..I can not ever remember receiving one thing I identified as a potential gift. I think back and I think it was a way for us to stay out of moms hair for a month before Christmas.

Gift giving was always an interesting thing we did. I remember when I was 6, I was given 5.00 to buy everyone a gift.

Well, all I have to say is Thank God for Ben Franklin’s 5 and dime store… they were the coolest store when you had a 5.00 bill and a bunch of people to buy for.

They had penny candy, and for a nickel I could get red hot cinnamon flavored tooth picks, I got cool pictures on postcards for a nickel…heck I think I came out with 4.00 profit after I got everyone their nickel gifts.

Ohh yeah.. the good ol days….. when life was simpler… and everyone

loved root beer barrels, fire balls and red hot toothpicks.

Love to al, Mrs Justa… alias Cindy