CRAIGS list… what a pain in the butt it was.100_6437 We posted 4 rims for a Nissan, 4 hub caps and as a bonus- 4 winter tires mounted on the winter rims. It went on for a month. Now each day about 100 other listings push your ad down the list. So to keep your ad within sight you have to repost it all the time. And when you go to repost it- the photos disappear- so than you have to re-upload photos.

People e mail you and ask about the merchandise, than they say they are REALLY interested, only to have them blow you off or no show. We had this one guy, on the phone he was a salesman type sounding person, really wanted them.. tell everyone else they are sold he told me… we meet him and boom – all of the sudden he does not want them.

I hate the strangers coming over, I hated more the people taking our address, asking our schedule available and not coming. A guy at work was just telling me yesterday that there were recent warnings about people getting your schedule and address, and than coming over when you are not home and helping themselves to more than what you are selling. Well that just creeped me out!! — I remember last evening before I opened my e mail to see if there was anyone looking for the tires, I am sitting here just praying there would be somebody out there…somebody serious….  it was such a good offer.

I have heard some people may swear by Craigs List… but it took us a month- we finally sold them today. It was an incredible deal. The RIMS– heck the new rims alone were 590.00 cuz they have those expensive tire pressure sensors on each rim… . and add in  the snow tires crap they alone cost us more than what the entire package was being sold for-

With my Polly-Anna attitude—I am sure we had to wait because they were meant to be for this person who bought them…this person really needed them….. 

I have a few other things I want to sell. But this was not a positive experience. Although realistically it did end up positive- we have 4 less mounted tires in the shed—but you know what—the more positive is someone out there( in this unending 2 weeks of HEAVY snow ) is driving a little more safer now.

So I have now deleted the ad off Craigs list.. SOLD. End of Story. Have a great evening—we are still being clobbered by Ol Man Winter… Cindy/alias Mrs justa.