Okay another was my face red and how foolish I felt moments tonight………

Tonight I was going to the gym for the trainer- the drivers wiper decided it had had enough of winter and was starting to peel- so on the way to the gym, in the snow storm, we stopped at AutoZone. We get in there and I kid you not- everyone at all the registers had wiper blades for winter in their mitts. And all of us suckers were asking the guys at AutoZone to help us get the new blades on.

Now mind you, without the wiper incident- and with the roads as bad as they were- I was a comfortable distance from work to the gym – but now as the clock ticks- we are standing in this auto store ( for what seemed like forever) and waiting for our turn to get the blades put on. Mark had driven in cuz it was nasty today… and his anxiety is less if he is taking me in , ( so is mine ) than sitting at home worried about me getting there safely.

We did get someone to get the blades on- as we leave it is a half hour till the trainer- so I called the gym and left a message I might be a little late.

Well we made it in 20 minutes—( it is only about 9 miles away ) – I see my trainer working with his last victim – so I go flying into the locker room to change. Mark was going to do a workout to see if he could take his pain out of his leg,hip and back— me I was going to be tortured for a half hr.

100_6051_editedSo I am whipping off my clothes- and throwing on my sweats and a tee shirt, my goal is to brake record time getting on the floor before he is done with the other person…Than the proverbial brink wall… BAM!!!! BOOM!!! SMACK!!!! I go to throw my sneaks on and I have 2 right track shoes. …So what do I do… I burst out laughing… here I am holding these 2 right shoes and wondering at first…. hmmm I wonder if the trainer would notice( now mind you the 2 track shoes look totally different- and I am thinking about wearing them HA) …the thought of that made me laugh some more…. as I thought …hmmm I wonder if I can do all the stuff in stocking feet…. I am laughing and other women in the locker room start laughing at me laughing… and alas- through my laughter I grabbed my black shoes from work and wore them.

As I was walking out of the locker room I saw Mark- and just started laughing again. He could not understand what I was even saying— but he started laughing cuz I was laughing.

I get to the trainer and try to explain why I have these black shoes on- but I started laughing again- so he is laughing with me- not really knowing what he was laughing at either. And I realized that it was contagious- the smiles the laughter- as I looked around us I see other people were smiling and laughing at usat us—just because we were laughing and smiling.

I reminds me of a “laughter box” I had gotten when I was a teen. You push the button and there is a guy laughing a belly laugh that would make the dead laugh… Maybe we all need to have one of those laugh boxes at our front doors , and hit it just before you leave for the day..and again as you return home. What a nicer life it would be.                                      Love to all… Mrs Justa.. alias Cindy

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