100_6237 Rules of life. When you look around you, everywhere you go there are signs. Do this, do that, do not do that, go there. I tried to count how many signs there are from work to home and there are too many to count. Signs guide us, signs give us warning, signs asking for us to help, signs telling us there is certain things you can do.

How to leave a building, how to enter another. We were on the Thruway tonight and there was a blinking left arrow telling us to get in the left lane, the snow plow was moving slow. As I think about signs, I wonder how the world would be if there were no signs.

I think we need them to tell us where to go, to tell us prices, to tell us the flow of traffic, think about how it would be in a generic world- no signs at all.I think we need signs to function. “on” “Off” “Quiet” 100_6243 “ wipe machines after use”

We would be lost, we would not know what road goes where, … we would be running into one another.

We would not know where to put the shopping cart, or where a handicap person can park, or how much anything costs.

We have become controlled by others really. In banks the signs , arrows and ropes herding us through lines to get to the front. In the doctors office- boy there are a slew of signs- “sign in “ “Co-pays expected at time of visit”  “If you have a cough, wear a mask” “ Employees only” “Wash hands” “Cover mouth when coughing or sneezing”  “No cell phones allowed” “Hazardous material” “Sharps go here” “ HOT” … if you put a voice to each sign it is like having a nagging parent. Do this, do that…. I guess I am glad there are people who made the signs, I need them . I would be lost without them…. but sometimes…. don’t they seem to be kinda overwhelming…. Ahh… I am going to SIGN OFF ( HAA ) for tonight… as you go from here to there- look around at ALL THE SIGNS.  Love to all, Mrs Justa alias Cindy