100_3790 Well I made it through my solo- Phew… It is always such a challenge in my mind as I walk up to the raised area in the church and get ready to sing a song. Just me and the microphone, bunches of people looking at me- waiting for the notes and words to fill the air…and over the sound system what ever musical accompaniment goes with my song.

Today when I arrived Pastor Carl asked me if I could come up to the front of the church as the congregation is singing the Doxology, and he wanted me to sing as the offertory song. So , even though I tend to not be an anxious type person, I immediately am thinking about- “gee how do I get my check in the offering plate” and “ I will not sign the attendance book “ and “I hope I get all the words right” and “ I hope people can hear me”

Well about 15 minutes into the service it was time for the doxology, I popped up, got in the front pew- my offering check in hand, as the ushers came to the front of the church for the doxology- I tapped one on the shoulder and slipped in my check… I was worried about walking up the 3 steps without showing how much my gluteus maximus was aching from my marathon on the elliptical yesterday… but I made it without a problem. I do not think I looked hunched over and favoring my butt !.

The song began, I remember taking a deep breath, saying a quick silent  prayer basically telling God this song was for him, and 3 minutes later- done— without a problem. Phew… it feels good to do it, it is a ball to learn a song that I think will have meaning, and it feels great to do it without a hitch.

God is always sending signs, messages… you just need to want to hear them, see them, connect them. This song is one of those moments. Last year, on January 2nd I was supposed to do this song. It is a song titled “Joseph’s Lullaby” and it is about Joseph cradling Jesus in his arms as he sings a prayer of sorts,  just for a few moments  to let Jesus just be his son. He is singing a song to help Jesus go to sleep. The way the song goes it could be either Mary or Joseph singing it. Mercy Me is the group who did this song… Well the early daylight on January 2nd looked like this … 100_4728_edited 100_4726_edited regretfully I had to contact the church and say there was no way I would get in to sing.Actually it was so bad out that that morning church ended up canceled !! So I never did the song.

Now turn the calendar 11 months forward….Pastor Carl contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I would sing during advent…so I thought that this would be a good song to try to do- with it being Christmas and such…

Once again it was meant to be- it was meant to be done today. Just before the offering there was a video and narrator – it was from Luke 2 6-16-and the drawings were of the birth of Jesus. In the end it was a drawing of Mary holding the baby—and than I get up and sing this lullaby. I could not have planned that as a preface to that song if I had tried!. So the snow last year- it was a way for me to hang onto that song until the time was right. What a nice day to put in my memory bank of life. Love to all, Mrs Justa  alias Cindy